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Knowing People Out of Sequence

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Jeff Immelt, the former CEO of GE, was being interviewed for a podcast I was listening to as part of a book tour he was doing.

The interviewer was well researched and spoke with him about a wide range of subjects.

One of the twists in the conversation involved questions related to the 2008 financial crisis.

Immelt had personal and professional relationships with the Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulsen, and his successor, Timothy Geithner.

Their relationships were built over many years before the financial crisis.

Trust existed before the crisis.

When asked about his relationship with them, Immelt remarked that he gets to know people “out of sequence.”

What was obvious that he meant by the phrase was that he builds relationships at a time when he doesn’t need anything from people.

Thus, when the need eventually exists, there is no need to do all the trust-building. Everyone knows one another and trusts one another.

As we wind up the horror that has been the pandemic, many of you successfully rode out the storm.

After the initial trauma of lockdown, everyone hunkered down and stopped speaking to one another with any frequency.

It’s now a year since the hurricane of the virus arrived. Many of us have been vaccinated already. Many more will soon be vaccinated.

This is an easy time to network.

Picking up the phone and calling someone doesn’t take much effort.

Sending them a quick note through whatever medium of communication you normally used to reach them to schedule “coffee” over Zoom is also easy.

Today, I’m attending a memorial service for a man I knew for several years who died recently. It wasn’t related to Covid-19 or any of the variants that he died nonetheless.

Our relationships are important to us.

Our professional relationships are important to us.

Staying in touch is important professionally and personally.

You know who you have to contact.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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