Someone discovered that a recruiting firm he was working with was going to take his post-interview debrief and use it to prepare other people they were submitting to compete with him. IS THIS ETHICAL?

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I'm Jeff up in the big game hunter I'm a
career and leadership coach the head
coach for I
want to talk with you today I spotted a
question that existed in Nick Corcolios'
column where someone basically
spoke with him in shock about a debrief
that the candidate did with their
recruiter the scenario was they went on
an interview and the agent asked them
how it went and what the people were
like and what they might have been asked
Then, the candidate hears the recruiter
typing notes and basically asked what
they were doing it for and whether they
were going to be briefing other people
the agency was going to send in to compete
with him and the recruiter commented
that, well , she wasn't going to be
doing that. Others in their office were. I
don't know if I believe that part but
clearly the firm was taking down notes
to submit other people and the candidate
wondered is this ethical you know is
this the right thing to do after all
they were helping the competition
compete with him yeah I just want to get
my answer I haven't looked at Nick's I
just loved the question because it
really speaks to the question of who
does a recruiter work for how much he
paying them? Nothing. And thus they don't
work for you they work for the
institution that's writing the check to
fill the job that needs to be filled
anything you say or do is going to be
used for that purpose I know when I did
search I didn't much the same thing why
because I was hired to fill a job I
wasn't being paid to place people in
jobs now if you were paying someone to
function as your recruiter and don't do
that by the way
then you have a reason to be angry I
know I as a coach
sometimes I'm approached by individuals
who want me to refer them to jobs and I
Here about from my coachees and I won't do
it because there's conflict there I'm
hearing information from people who have
hired me to help them find work I'm
going to transfer it to someone else so
that they can find the job I don't think
that's a betrayal and I won't do it the
recruiter on the other hand is hired by
an institution to fill a job they don't
work for you
they assist you and finally work with
their client and if the client wants to
hire you, they are paid by the client not
by you so is this ethical absolutely is
it honest
absolutely that you're a bozo who
doesn't realize this that's the problem
just pay attention you know as they used
to say in the 1960s 70s during the
Watergate period follow the money the
money dictates who someone works for and
as a result if you pay someone then you
have a right to complain if you don't
what do you think they're doing this for
the heck of it would be nice men and
women I don't think so
They're trying to feed their families just
like you are I'm Jeff Alton hope you
found this helpful
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hope you have a great day and take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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