I started a thread on Reddit where someone was lamenting that they couldn’t find the job because employers either wanted the direct experience or something related and they had none. I decided to speak about how to find your first job because it’s incredibly important to land and most people struggle, just like I did when I got out of school.

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How to find your first job is the topic for today. It comes out of a thread I saw on Reddit,
where someone was complaining that they were in a situation where every company they're
applying to, the firm either wants previous experience or something in a similar industry,
which, as a beginner you just don't have.. So what do you do?
Now, this person made the mistake of waiting until they're out of school to start doing
networking. And the problem with that is you miss golden opportunities to connect with
people, that are from previous graduating classes while you're in the school, and thus
be able to talk with them about how they got in.
Now you can backtrack and do that. I'm going to encourage you to do it because, yes, I
know, you know how to apply for jobs. You know, you look on job boards; you go to LinkedIn,
you apply to a bunch of places. But job ads only fill 6% of all positions. And even if
your credit recruiters, you know, into the job board category, because you found a recruiter
thrpugh a job board and they fill jobs, recruiters and job boards only fill about 22% of positions.
And LinkedIn says these days, it's even lower.. They think it's about 15%. So what do you
And the answer is you have to start talking to people who are working in organizations
that you might want to work for, and see if they would introduce you. If you can talk
with people that you went to school with, about how they got into a place. There are
people from similar degree programs or similar high schools even, even at that level, you
can talk to people who went to your school, and talk with them about how they found the
position where they went to work because they learned something without experience, right?
This is true of college grads. This is true of high school grads. And you talk with them
and see if they know of something at their place. If they can submit a resume for you,
because they get an employee referral bonus if you're hired. Can they introduce you to
someone else who might be able to give you advice or introductions? This is all about
conversation and relationship.
It's work to do this. Absolutely. But right now, for most people who are in this bind
that this person was in, its complaining mode.
"I don't have experience. How do I get experience if I don't have experience and they want to
experience?" You can't win in that loop. What you have to do is just focus ahead of yourself
on the steps. You apply. You network. You make sure that, if you're not getting interviews,
that your resume is good enough by making sure it's looked at by someone who knows something
about resumes to advise you.
Same thing with your LinkedIn profile. If no one's contacting you through LinkedIn,
or the things that you can do to improve your. LinkedIn profile, because recruiters are all
over LinkedIn trying to find applicants to fill jobs.
Now, if you have no skills that are useful, it's harder, quite obviously. I was a political
science graduate. Who was hiring one of those?. Eventually, I found a job in sales. It fit
my personality at that time. Not now but at that time in life, it fit my personality,
I had a great career doing recruiting, and you have to, perhaps, think unconventionally.
Instead of going through the front door. Is there a side door that you can get in or a
back door where someone can introduce you?
I'll just simply said, it isn't just about applying to jobs (Although you should do that).
It should be about talking to people and putting yourself in situations where people get to
know, like, trust you.
I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful.. My website is TheBigGameHunter.us. Oh, I forgot
to say. And it's going to take time and effort.. And complaining isn't going to help.
So back to I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. My website is TheBigGameHunter.us.
There's a lot there that will help you with job hunting. And if you're interested in coaching,
you can schedule a coaching session with me.. I'd love to help.
I've got some great books and courses available on Amazon, you might look for the link for
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Hope you have a terrific day. Most importantly, be great and keep pushing. Take care.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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