There have been many celebrated examples of people quitting the job in a blaze of glory. But should you? What can be the impact if you do? This video discusses a number of ways NOT to quit and why you should do it that way.

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This is a video about how not to quit your job. And to me the issue is the reference. You see, you may feel good for a moment, but you've thrown a bomb into a situation, that's going to come back and put you into situations in the future, where you may not have an available reference to demonstrate that you work for this firm for however long it is. So here are a few ways not to quit.

Number one is don't create an explosive situation for your firm online. You know, the YouTube video that goes viral about some horrible thing that's going on at your firm.Not a smart way to do it. Don't steal stuff on camera, and hold it up as you walk out the door. You can't get a reference from a firm after them.

Conversely, you don't do a no show, no ghosting, you basically disappear. The phone rings; you blocked the phone number. Don't do a ghosting thing. And of course, you don't get up on your desk, if you're in the workplace, at work physically, and scream, "I quit." You don't put on a performance that way.

Now, there have been very funny videos of people sending their resignation and talking about every funny thing, or bizarre thing that's happened with our company. It may benefit you temporarily, and may even wind up being on the news. But that's not the way to do it.

You get on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever and you tell your friends you're planning on quitting. And thus your boss hears about it before you actually get to them.

There's also the one where you start getting lazy and not doing your work. And basically what you're doing is hanging your co workers out to dry because the work needs to be done, your work interacts with them. And you don't care because you're going to be leaving.

You do the phone call to phone call or cube to cube visit to tell everyone that you're planning on quitting but your boss finds out because the secret eventually leaks. You text a resignation, sending a text resignation. Not the kind way at all. Have the conversation with someone directly. Thank them even if you hated the job, because they did give you a job or you got paid.

Unless there's a physical or sexual abuse that takes place in the office doing something like that not appropriate. And of course, there's the explosive situation, the office where you just blow your gourd and stomp out and leave. Don't do it this way. Have the conversation personally and privately with your boss, with your manager with whomever. And again, there's the exception of . . . there are conditions where you definitely should leave without giving notice. Always try to give notice I have a video on when not to bother giving notice. I'll put a link to it in the show notes. But give your employer the courtesy of leaving in a good way with notice so that this way, your reference remains intact.

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