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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains why it is critical that you remain open to new job opportunities.

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Hi, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm called The Big Game Hunter because I've been hunting down leaders and staff organizations for more than 40 years (I no longer do recruiting. I'm a coach)
This video is an important one for you because I think you have to understand the philosophy with which all my other videos are constructed. The philosophy is, there's no job security anymore. The notion that you can work for an organization for 40 years from the time you graduate school until the time you retire, is gone. The notion that you should wait until you want another job to put yourself in the position where you're looking for another job is a huge mistake people are making.
Time and time again, people get caught up in their current work environments, and, then, neglect keeping themselves open for other options. You see, number one, people get ahead, not by working the hardest or being the smartest-- those are great qualities to have. People get ahead by being alert to opportunity. Sometimes, those are internal to their organization; more often than not they're external.
Now we're looking at layoffs around the world and,, Lord knows, there are layoffs all over the world. It isn't like companies are firing dead wood. You see, "dead would" used to be one of those terms that was used a long time ago to describe people who are being laid off. What's happening now is good people are losing jobs. Not just competent people. exceptional people are losing jobs. It's not because they're incompetent. Obviously, it's because business is changing.
The firms that were household names for so long. . . Many of them are gone. Many of them are imploding. There's so much disruption going on in the global economy right now. It's not just capitalism (Let's not get into this idea that I'm going to go off on a rant about the failures of capitalism. Lord knows other systems have collapsed around this for many, many years) but the nature of business is being disrupted by the Internet, and by the capabilities of mobile.
If you look, for example, this recording I'm doing it on an iPhone. And what is an iPhone? It's a tool, it's replaced Kodak. In your hand, is a computer and a Kodak camera, but far better than what a Kodak used to do? No disrespect to Kodak. I owned the products for a long time. Now there's no need for them.
There's so many other firms that are facing the idea that there's no need for them. So, people who built their careers around one company or one industry are discovering the hard way. They know the problems of doing that, the mistake in doing that. yYou may think of yourself as being safe because you work at a big bank, you work on Wall Street, you work at a firm like Apple? Well, before there was Apple, there was Microsoft and Microsoft was the firm that controlled everything. Well, folks at Apple, you're not immune to this either. You folks at Google, you're not immune to this either. Neither are you folks at Facebook.

There is invariably a system in place, where opportunities are going to change. The big dogs in business are going to change and those who hitch their wagons to one industry, or one organization are going to discover the hard way, the mistake of that.
So, leave your doors open to other opportunities. Just don't look for things when you're annoyed sufficiently and you think it's time to walk. Again, people get ahead by being alert the opportunity. More often than not, they're external, not internal.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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