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Resumes? What’s a resume? Is it a piece of paper or something else?

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Well, would you like to know whether HR departments, hiring departments keep resumes for future positions? I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career coach. I help organizations be more effective with better hiring people, with their job search and better management, helping people in the workplace overall.

And someone asked me this question whether, "do HR departments really keep resumes for future positions?" If you're talking about paper resume, the answer's "no." No one keeps those. But what is a resume these days except bits and bytes, right?

You've uploaded a resume to an applicant tracking system. Thus, it's searchable. It's retrievable. A new search opens up; they go searching. This assumes you've got a zip code on your resume somewhere, that it was easily parsable, that you provided them with a way of reaching you. Otherwise, delete.

So yes, organizations keep resumes. They even steal candidates from recruiting sources under a variety of means once the resumes in their applicant tracking system. But fundamentally, it's the system here that becomes the way that they're able to find you. It's the system that allows them to search for you. And, thus, a new position opens up, a competent recruiter will go to the applicant tracking system, do a search, send out an email saying a new position's opens up with our organization? This is what it is; would you be interested?

They're not going to call 250 people. They're going to send out an email. They'll do some version of a blast to solicit response.

So, yes, They keep resumrd; smaller firms might not, They may not have the facilities to do it. They may not have the technology to do it. But almost all firms do, certainly recruiters though, certainly large companies and mid sized companies do. And thus you want to make it easy for people to reach it.

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