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Career Coach Office Hours: October 19 2021 |

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has emphasized job search questions
the friday at 9 00 a.m show
has been around hiring more effectively
management and leadership resolving
different workplace issues and between
you know if i get a message in chat
about something that
deals with a different subject i cover
that so for example on this show in chat
i respond to questions about hiring
managing leadership resolving certain
workplace issues on the friday show
well maybe i'll just go back to doing
everything every day sorry this is
starting to get confusing i apologize
so it was an experiment that one day i
do one thing another day i do another
i think i'm just gonna have a hybrid
show all the time so my apologies for
today just put your stuff into
into chat no matter whether it's about
job search or anything else i'd love to
help you
and when i start this show
i'm going to start doing
a piece of information or a piece of
coaching for you
and today's comes from a tedx talk
i watched uh dr dawn graham uh did a
talk and i don't remember
where the presentation was
but she said something in passing that i
thought was worth you hearing because
for those of you who are reluctant to
this is a time where you have to start
paying much more attention to ready and
i'll show you why
if you apply for a job online you have a
three percent shot of getting an
if you network your way into the
one out of two
so it's a 50
chance of getting interviewed now if you
don't have the qualifications you're not
going to get hired obviously if you
don't connect with the interview an
interviewer you're not going to get
hired obviously but a three percent shot
of getting an interview versus a 50
chance of getting an interview
which one do you think you should be
spending more of your time with
you know people keep flipping resumes to
companies on job boards on linkedin like
their burgers at a fast food restaurant
you know just sending them over the
transom to see what happens
nothing happens most of the time right
and thus
these numbers confirm why nothing
happens now why something happens
why people who are referred get more
interviews is what's nicknamed social
there's social proof
from someone who's known to the hiring
manager someone within the organization
that you can do this job
doesn't it make sense for them to talk
to someone who's carrying
an effective reference in their hip
pocket of course it does
so stop spending so much time applying
to jobs and find trying to find where
can i apply for another job instead
spend more time on networking and
connecting with people
it does make a difference
now i've got a number of questions today
and the first one starts off with
is it better to search for a job by cold
entering job sites and asking in person
or go through the process online
now the hard thing for me with answering
this is i don't know what kind of job or
job site you're talking about
you know if you're talking about an
office position
or a job in an institution
you're not going to get in the door
because security exists it keeps keeps
you from doing that
if you're talking about a job like for
example my son
just left the job and he wanted to go
back into the restaurant business
because he likes restaurants and things
are a lot safer than they once were
applied for something online got a call
on sunday an interview on monday and
he's starting today
so the longer the short of it is
you know
if you're in a restaurant if you're in
yeah you can walk in the door
so they can see you get a sense of your
oral communications
and the hard thing is
whether someone's there who can actually
talk with you and evaluate you there at
a restaurant certainly possible
at a retail store not necessarily
because hiring could be done regionally
and then if you apply online you're back
in the position of being another fish in
the pond
and applying and three percent chance
always try and get a connection to
someone within the company it's so much
more advantageous and again in
restaurants the same thing applies same
things in retail
and that's not going to work every place
but i would try i would emphasize that
rather than emphasizing applying for so
many jobs
do resumes with more repetitive keywords
show up higher on a recruiter's
candidate search
i'm going to rephrase this question a
little bit because i tend to think of
what you're asking is does repeating
keywords get you through the applicant
tracking system to the recruiter who's
going to decide whether or not to
interview you
it depends on the system
some systems are relatively primitive
like the firm i worked at previously
very primitive system really
all it was designed to do is accept the
and then transfer it to the person who
had entered entered the job into the
system so they knew that you applied but
it really didn't know filtering
most systems filter
it's not just the repetition of keywords
because remember the keywords could be
on page three of the resume and the
repetition there means nothing
the repetition of it in the
on the first page
or within one page down
makes a difference and the thing i
always remind people about is if you're
in a situation where
you're going to be um
submitting a resume and a cover letter
you don't want to attach the cover
as though it's the separate file you
always want to make it page one on most
applicant tracking systems because you
can keyword stack it there you can stuff
it with keywords in the job description
from the requirements of the position
things along those lines so that this
way the system goes ah
you know this person could be qualified
i can always consider doing that
but in terms of this question number one
try to avoid applying for jobs
always trying networking number two is
repeating the keywords
i'll use technology as an example
uh it's something i was involved with so
when i did recruiting
and thus if you keep repeating one piece
of technology 12 times
people are going to know that you're
stuffing the resume it has to be
something that's relevant for the
and relevant to the reader and then
congruent with your linkedin profile
in order to give you a chance don't just
put in 10 12 times
how do you react when the interviewer
pushes you to get a salary expectation
number from you
let's put this on the other side for a
second why is an interviewer doing this
well in many parts of the united states
you can't ask about current salary
anymore because that involved bias or
discrimination so often
organizations provided
a percentage increases over that
and thus often women and people from
certain minority groups who started
at lower salaries
got less money
when they changed jobs
the reason they asked for a salary
expectation is they need to know whether
you might be within budget
and the way i would answer these
questions i've told many people before
you know i'm looking for something along
the lines of
you know a y number of dollars however i
really haven't met with anyone yet i
have no sense of
what the manager is like what the team
is like what the real nature of the work
is like yeah i read a job description
but job descriptions don't always
reflect what the real position is so for
now i can say such and such but by the
time i'm done interviewing i may come
back to you with a different number
because i think it's an easier job
or it's one where i think it's it's one
where i could learn a lot i might accept
less on the other hand if it's a
particularly demanding job i might ask
for more
so don't hold this number as being
exactly what i'm looking for because
you're asking me before i've really met
anyone other than you
you know right now i'd say this it could
be a little bit less it could be more
we'll find out later on and i'll keep
you informed as we go along and that's
the way i push back because
number one is they do want to know
whether you're within their budget
because after all if they're willing to
uh to pay 85 000
and you're looking for 110
why are we wasting time here right
they want to know that they can afford
and they also want to get a sense of
where they have to close you
at that time
on your side you want to make sure you
understand the position more and no
disrespect i really like recruiters i
did it on the agency side for a long
time and many of my my friends in the
business were corporate recruiters
that they don't know what it's really
like working there
you have to give them a hedge answer so
that in this way you don't wind up in a
situation where you've committed to too
or too little without having real
the next question
paralegal work a dead end job
yes but i'm also going to go further
than that and say
most jobs are dead-end jobs
none of you are going to wind up in
positions where you're going to be the
ceo of an organization
you're going to work your way up the
career jungle gym because it's not a
ladder anymore where you can start in
one job as a company and work your way
up it doesn't work that way anymore
instead it's like a jungle gym you're
moving from bar to bar
you know moving upward and sometimes
downward and laterally and up again
it's a mess right all of you can
experienced are experiencing that
thus when you think about your career
always think of it from the standpoint
what can i learn what can i do who can i
in this job it's going to benefit me
later on who can i interact with and
will benefit me later on because they
are not going to stay at that firm
that's one of the realities everyone's
changing jobs all the time so don't put
yourself in a position where you're
in this case they're asking about a
paralegal position yes it's a dead end
just like all positions are dead ends
the question is how can you leverage
this experience and move up and if you
can't figure it out
get onto linkedin or talk to people at
business groups that cater to paralegals
and then find out how people have moved
up from your position to the next level
up what did it take what training what
experiences how did people do it
our immediate start jobs a red flag
i mentioned my son earlier
he left the position on friday
got a call for an interview on sunday
went for the interview yesterday and
he's starting today
an immediate start job
so is it a red flag
well right now as we record this in 2021
companies are understaffed and they know
it too so they are trying to bring on
people and they're trying to learn about
them as fast as possible to get them on
board as fast as possible because
they're short staffed
under normal economic times you know
can an immediate star job be a red flag
the correct answer is maybe
you find out you know because sometimes
you know there's a
contract that's starving for
you know they're looking for attempts or
consultants and they need to have
someone start on monday because they
haven't been able to find anyone and now
it's supposed to start on monday
that's not a red flag that's urgency
from your standpoint
what's most important isn't when the
person when you have to start
number one what are they gonna want you
to do
what's the team like what are the
expectations of you like
you know are they going to make demands
that are unreasonable what's a typical
day like
start on monday you're not working right
now hey
get to work
and i'll simply say no guarantee you
have to dig in deeper to understand
whether it's a red flag situation or not
three more questions
is it a bad answer if i say
i have an idea about the job when the
recruiter asks why you want to work
if i'm understanding
correctly what you're saying is
i know about the job and what the
requirements are going to be
and that's why you want to work them
not good enough
it's actually a pretty bad answer
fairly immature let me give you a better
one and requires a little bit of acting
on your part
why do i want to work there
who wouldn't want to work there you know
your firm is one where and now you'll
list two or three different things that
you found out about the company the job
the what-have-you based upon your
research into the firm before the
interview and you sound excited about
why wouldn't someone want to work here
you know it's an opportunity working
through such and such and such and such
and such
and so much more and i'll simply say
that there's a lot to learn
just by the excitement and watching
their response to you so
your answer and i wouldn't use that one
i'd use more one more like mine
thomas good to see you
and thomas is telling me that they share
uh with his son for his friend to listen
to because she's looking for work and
and needs help thank you thomas
appreciate it i hope this helps them
and if they have a question for me
they can always send it to me at the big
game hunter at in the subject
line put the phrase office hours they
ask questions
i'm happy to answer them during the show
next question i've got two more
how can i intel how can i tell an
employer for an out-of-state job that i
feel happier in the job location than
where i currently live
obviously this is if only if they
so the way to do this is really very
you know why why are you looking to come
to work for them
i want to work
i want to live in
i'm going to use new york as the example
new york
and i've been living here in ohio now
for a long time
you know i have friends i have family
you know
i want to work in new york i like new
york i've been there many times
number one it starts with your location
number two is when i'm reading about
your firm
i'm gonna tell you this sounds like a
great opportunity this is one where i
can and you list two or three different
things just like you would
with the answer to why would you want to
work there that i just answered
so always
have enthusiasm when you answer a
question like this start off with the
idea of you know i've been living in
ohio for a long time but now i've
decided i'm willing to take the risk and
move to new york
i'd love to work for you everything i
read about your firm
is exciting to me the position is one
that on paper i'm interested in i'm
looking forward to meeting the manager
and the team
you know and a big part of this is
you're in new york you're not in dublin
ohio i want to be in new york city and i
may live in the suburbs around new york
or if i can afford it i'll move to the
village whatever it is
give them some texture
and and
give them some enthusiasm about your
willingness to move there and why it's
important to you
last question
how do i build a viable and unique
unique is the interesting word so i'm
gonna do viable
what does viable mean in the context of
a resume
to me it means that you're qualified to
do the job it's really that simple
so your resume has to demonstrate the
fit for the role and to do it within one
page down because otherwise
once you're applying you're going
through an applicant tracking system the
systems are looking for information
earlier in the document rather than
and it
if it's being scanned by a human being
they're not going to keep looking for it
they want to know it's fairly recent so
give it to them make the fit obvious for
in one page now and what makes that
unique is really very simple
as i mentioned earlier
when you're in a situation
you're like most people you have a three
percent chance
when you apply for a job of getting an
interview you have a 50
chance if you're going to network into
the role
and if you're going to apply
make the fit obvious without them having
to read between the lines
make it easy
this way you have a chance of having a
viable and effective resume
so i'm jeff albert i hope you enjoyed
today's show i think i'm going to switch
this to 9am next week
just start doing shows that cover both
if you have a question about job search
hiring more effectively management
leadership resolving workplace issues
send it to me before my friday show this
week at 9am eastern at the big game
hunter at
in the subject line put the phrase
office hours this way i know it is about
and can hopefully help you with a good
it also helps me find it with an email
you know i get a lot of mail from people
so again the big gamehunter at
visit my website the big game hunter dot
eus there's a lot there that can help
you in the blog
plus there's information about my
courses in one of the drop downs on top
and you can also schedule time for a
free discovery call or schedule time for
coaching so i can help you
lastly connect with me on linkedin at forward slash iron forward
slash the big game hunter mention that
you saw the show i like knowing i'm
helping folks and once we're connected
you have access to my network which is
much larger than most people
hope you have a terrific day and most
be great
take care


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