Career Coach Office Hours January 11 2022 |

Career Coach Office Hours January 11 2022 |

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[00:00] Introduction

[00:57] Coffee Toast

[03:24] I have an interview for a branch banker position at PNC Bank tomorrow. I was thinking of wearing a short sleeve polo and khakis. Do I need to wear a full suit?

[04:41] How do I know if I have leadership qualities?

[05:47] What is the best answer for why you left your job?

[08:48] Can exit interviews be shared with managers?

[10:27] In an interview with a big firm, I felt like the interviewer was condescending so I hung up on her. What do I do now if I want to continue the interview process?

[11:51] What are your thoughts on digital/interactive CV’s/resumes? I came across and I’m stuck in two minds.

[13:31] What do you say in a cover letter when you’re not totally qualified?

[16:00] What can I do if my employer held my paycheck when refusing to do an exit interview after I quit?

[18:17] Are recruiters the ones that decide whether to hire you?

[19:28] My job application asks, “Are you subject to a non-compete?”, does this mean if I have already signed a non-compete with an employer or if I am willing to sign a non-compete with the employer?

[20:52] Outro and how to reach me, my website and connecting with me on LinkedIn

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hi it's jeff altman the big game hunter
and welcome to
january 11
2022 career coach office hours
i spend time tuesdays and fridays
talking with you and answering questions
about job search hiring more effectively
management leadership and helping you
deal with different workplace issues
and i must say
excuse me for being a few seconds late i
try to be punctual with this thing but
i couldn't find the mouse
it was a weird thing my mouse was not
so i was in an awkward situation where
i'm trying to get on to the start the
couldn't start the broadcast
that simple so i apologize for being a
little bit late and if i cause you any
anxiety i apologize
i'm a nice guy
i've been starting the show with a
coffee toast and
i'm going to simply say a toast for all
of you
who persevere
i was watching last night's college
football game between georgia and
and i'll simply say the story of the
georgia quarterback is an incredible
in dealing with roadblocks
not quitting
it's a wonderful wonderful story it's
not just simply in the game but you know
not being seen as a player
you know graduating high school
only one scholarship offer it was from a
school that he i'm sure he considered
years and years of fighting to be seen
until he finally had an opportunity
to play
and it took until this season until he
finally got on the field
led his team to a championship despite
you know some difficult times in the
game itself and deciding i'm not going
to be the reason we lose today and
turning things around and playing with
confidence and helping lead his team to
a win
so there are people out there watching
or who will watch
who can resonate with that who are not
seen for all that you're capable of
and get passed over time and time again
he didn't always stay at georgia he left
for other places where he could get the
opportunity before returning to georgia
and having his chance so
perseverance determination dealing with
roadblocks wonderful lessons for last
night's game and wonderful lessons for
your career if you're not seen
go to someplace where you are seen and
appreciated and i'm going to give you a
toast for those of you who keep fighting
the good fight
trying hard to be your best
my salute to you
and if you're watching want to leave a
message or put a message into chat
with a question or just want to say hi
happy to hear from you
i'll just simply say i've got a bunch of
questions in the queue
and i'm going to add more questions as
we go along from those of you who are in
first question is
i have an interview for a branch banker
position at i'm not going to mention the
name of the bank uh tomorrow i was
thinking of wearing a short sleeve polo
on khakis do i need to wear a full suit
go for the suit
you know
there's no way you can
change their thinking about you if you
go to
the casual look
they're in suits
you've lost at that point because they
don't think you were serious
however if you dress the part that they
would expect and you can
you know you can go online and find out
what the correct attire is for their
interviews but i'm pretty sure you need
to suit up for this thing
and i'm not sure about the tie you'll
get an answer online for that but
definitely go for the suit because
that's the expectation of bankers in the
and maybe once you get get to working
for them the jacket comes off and it's
just a shirt and tie a collared shirt
and a tie but whatever it is
for the purposes of the interview you
always look up scale and you can always
scale back
let's go for the next question
how do i know if i have leadership
the simplest thing i can tell you is to
observe how others see you
the simplest way to know that you're a
leader is whether you have followers
followers of the indication of
not having followers not having people
who follow your lead you're not a leader
if you notice people who listen to you
who follow your advice you take your
you know when it comes up naturally
you've got leadership qualities they may
need refinement but we're just talking
about the base qualities here and that's
one of those indicators that i think
will resonate with most of you
again you're not a leader until you have
followers i'm going to pause here for a
second and say for the many of you who
are watching here
and you're lurking
feel free to put a question into chat
i'd be happy to answer it
what's the best answer for why you left
your job
i think it's pretty easy the best answer
is the truth but packaged in a way where
they understand it
so i was talking with someone recently
who was let go for
you know a c-level position
he achieved great results during his one
year with the organization like he
increased sales by 60
and got the firm recognized and
in multiple countries as an
up-and-coming brand
and you know when he asked me the
question you know
he wasn't let go for performance reasons
but i'm not going to go into the details
i have a hunch what it really was and
no matter the question you know he posed
that question what do i tell people
and the answer became
you know i don't know about you but
when you improve sales by 60
and get this kind of acknowledgement of
the brand
uh as being an up-and-comer like amongst
the top five brands in the world
in our category
when we were invisible up until that
point you'd think that would be
considered successful
but they didn't
in their infinite wisdom they decide to
let me go
notice what i did there i stated a
positive and then went to
their perception now that was in a
you know you may not be in that position
right now where you can speak about
those kind of accolades but you can talk
about you know i've been working for an
organization where i've been putting in
70-hour weeks now for the longest time
i've gotten results that have increased
sales by this
reduced cost by that or improved
profitability by a certain percent
and so far i've been rewarded with a
i haven't gotten any acknowledgement no
promotional opportunities have been
presented to me
i've been asking i've been looking but
they kind of take me for granted at this
point so i'm looking for an organization
that sees value in my ability to do this
kind of
and provide me with that kind of an
an opportunity that my current firm
won't notice
i'm talking about the successes and the
disappointment i'm not saying my boss is
an idiot
i'm underpaid i deserve to make more no
one cares about that kind of stuff how
are you going to solve their problem
becomes part of this and the fact that
you've had successes previously goes a
long way toward creating justification
and explaining what it is that's
prompting you to do
to look for something else
question number four can exit interviews
be shared with managers
and i would expect they would be
so if you're
ranting about your current boss
and being hyper critical of them hyper
to me means
unnecessarily critical
of your current manager
if you go over the top i'm sure
someone will relay that information and
make your last two weeks miserable
you know remember exit interviews are
designed to see
whether or not there are things that
they could improve upon
or whether there's a problem
institutionally they need to deal with
so for example the abusive manager
the manager who doesn't listen
you know i can go on with a lengthy list
the harassing haranguing manager the one
who calls you 2 a.m and is disappointed
that you don't pick up the phone
they want to hear about that kind of
so that they can try remedying it so
they don't lose more people
but there's no benefit for you
in being overly
gratuitous with your advice or your
instead keep it very simple i have a
better opportunity elsewhere
i became susceptible to a new
opportunity because
and you lay out a couple of things that
were problematic for you
and decide to look elsewhere
keep it very simple the fewer words the
in an interview with a big firm i felt
like the interviewer was condescending
so i hung up on her
what do i do now if i want to continue
the interview process
give up
you're done
it's over for you
there is no chance for them to consider
you for another role
or for this role you were rude obnoxious
and ridiculous
in how you conducted yourself
you thought they were condescending
if i were you in the conversation
i would have very simply say i'm a
little confused here
i'm sensing that you're not pleased with
my answers
am i misreading something here
unless it's not about being
about their pleasure or displeasure or
whether they're just distracted
that's prompting them to behave in a way
that's giving you that signal
don't go to you have no chance of
getting a continued interview with this
give it up it's gone
i've got another question
what are your thoughts on digital
cvs and resumes
someone found the site
and they've got two opinions
they're stuck in two minds
it's one thing if you're sending it to
an organization that's going to value a
digital resume
or a digital cv
or an interactive cv
it's another thing if you're going to be
submitting it to an applicant tracking
system that just wants the facts they
just want data that it can parse into
their applicant tracking system
i would say if you want to be found
if you want your si your resume
to be accepted by an applicant tracking
system keep it to a standard one
if you're going to be submitting resumes
as opposed to uploading them to an
applicant tracking system
you need to have a standard resume
for the applicant tracking system and
you can use the interactive one to
demonstrate some of your
for sending it to a person
but do you think
a bank is going to care
do you think an investment bank is going
to care
how about an insurance company do you
think they're a manufacturer
they're really going to care whether
it's a an interactive resume aren't they
none of those are going to care that's
why if you're going to use it it's for a
particular segment of the market
not for broad distribution
what do you say in a cover letter when
you're not totally qualified
well what i do is i lay out very simply
what my background is and how it fits
the role
my thing is
when i tell people to write a cover
letter i'm forwarding my resume to you
or i'm uploading my resume to you for
the position of such and such
this is how my background fits the role
flush left is the skill
and the functionality of the job is
outlined in the yet
flush right is how long and how recently
you've done that
or you've used that particular skill or
technology or talent
so this way it's very clear for them i
tell people to omit things they don't
have experience with but to use the
cover letter may be clear about what you
are experienced with and how long you've
done it and then from there you close
out by saying i hope to hear from you
but if i haven't within a day or two
i'll follow up with a quick phone call
or email to you
and thus what you're able to do is to
lay out in positive terms what you've
done that relates and avoid the ones
that don't relate
let me also say that if it's a key
dimension of the job like they say must
and you don't have it
you know you can probably take a pass
like if if the title of the position is
i'm going to use
a title for when i did techno technology
recruiting if it says uh program manager
whatever the business function is
must have 14 years of experience
managing whatever it is
and you've got
it's probably not going to be anything
you should waste your time on or waste
their time
if it's i don't have 14 years i've got
you can be clear 10 years that may be
enough for them
and they're shooting for 14. you get
where i'm coming from the idea is to
emphasize the positive eliminate the
and just focus in on what you can do for
next question
so far i've got three more questions
what can i do if my employer withheld my
i held my paycheck when refusing to do
an exit interview after i quit
there's a couple of things that you can
do before you walk out the door i would
ask for my check
they say you didn't do an exit interview
said so what i worked here
i said well i'm not going to give it to
would you like me to contact the state
or the city
and have them
make you do that and give you fines for
doing that your choice
i'll do that i'll also file suit against
you i'll also go on to social media and
i prefer not doing that but you're
leaving me with little choice i've
the money
the fact that i'm not prepared to do an
exit interview well i'll do an exit
interview now you're a jerk this is why
i'm leaving give me my check now okay
your behavior and your attitude toward
employees is why i'm leaving this is my
exit interview can i have my check
and you can do that publicly i prefer
not i prefer doing that behind closed
doors i would say you want an exit
interview i'll give you an exit
interview right now let's go into your
and i better have my check handed to me
at the end end of the conversation
otherwise i'm definitely going to
escalate this
that's how i would handle it and if you
don't have the
strength to do something like that
for whatever the reason you can simply
say i've earned the money
exit interviews are superfluous to my
if you want me to give
an exit interview right now oh this was
a wonderful experience for me i learned
so much here and you presented in a flat
affect kind of way in a flat voice i
learned so much here i was recruited by
another firm that was willing to pay me
25 000 more than you
i wish you good luck now hand me my
be sarcastic about it they deserve it
are recruiters i have to send corporate
recruiters to some the ones that decide
whether to hire you
hiring managers by definition are the
ones who decide whether or not you are
they may influence the hire for example
if in your first interview with them
they screen you out they have the
ability to reject you
and as a result they can say no
on the other hand they can't say yes
they can't be the sole determinant for
whether you're hired
what they do is influence the
decision-making they influence the
salary that's being proposed they do a
lot of things along those lines but
they're not the decision maker about the
they can try and get you more money from
the hiring manager they can do a lot of
things but the question is are they the
ones that make the decision about
whether you're hired and the answer is
final question for today
as of now
the job application says
are you subject to a non-compete
does this mean if i have already signed
to non-compete with my current employer
or if i'm willing to sign a non-compete
with them
the answer is with the current employer
because they don't want to get sued they
don't want to be in a situation
where you're someone who they cannot
hire because your non-compete precludes
them from hiring or precludes you from
going to work there
they don't want to be in a situation
where they're defending
against the lawsuit they don't want to
in defense of their hiring you because
you were under a non-compete and had not
disclosed it
if you don't disclose it and you are
hired and there's a lawsuit they can
fire you because they put you you put
them into a situation were you subject
to a lawsuit
so they're asking up front
are you under a non-compete the answer
is no
that's the way you answer the question
they're not asking about whether you'd
sign one with them it's about whether
you're under one now
taking a quick look at chat i'm not
seeing anything there uh so i'll simply
say i'm jeff halpen the big game hunter
if you're watching on youtube
facebook is alive click the like button
share it do something that lets people
know it was worthwhile leave a comment
for me
tell me that it's been helpful for you
visit my website
there's a lot there that you can watch
listen to or read that'll help you in
your search there are courses you can
offer as you can order
from me that will help you in many
aspects of your career and your job
again that's at the big game hunter down
us while you're there you can also
schedule time for free discovery call
for coaching or schedule time for actual
coaching for which i'll charge you
i'd love to help you
lastly connect with me on linkedin at forward slash i n forward
slash the big game honor have a terrific
day and most importantly
be great


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