Although I deal with the issue of gender bias in answering the question there other factors that come into play, too, that make your colleagues worth more money than you to them.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways-- job search, hiring more effectively,
managing and leading, workplace-related stuff,
I help people throughout the lifecycle of work I do it from staff level roles
to executive coaching. Now, the question I received from someone is "can my employer
pay me less than other people doing the same job?" The answer, of course, is yes
they can because their job is to get you for as little as possible and your job
is to get as much as possible you didn't do your job well from their vantage
point they're getting a discount now from your vantage point there's the
opportunity to notice whether men are making more than women whether women are
got lower offers why they got lower offers because gender bias at least in
the United States is pretty prevalent and thus this could have shown up on
interviews now in some states in the. United States in some cities in the
United States it's illegal to ask about a current salary and the reason for that
is the fact that firms use the fact that people make less and offer a percentage
increase on top of that and keep their wages down because, generally, women (I'm not
going to go into this socioeconomics here. I'll just simply say that it's a fact).
as a result your job is to now circle back to your manager and say I'm curious
about something I discovered that my colleagues are making more than I how
did that come about and shut up and listen now they're gonna make all sorts
of excuses but they may say to you well they've been with us for four years
They've had for additional raises on top of what they joined for, that you're brand-new,"
and you have to accept that because it is true, you know, these people joined four
years before. They worked their way up. they have more experience.
you may be doing the same job and recognize that sometimes they're gonna
float BSF your job is to figure out which one it is and from there make a
good decision for you is it the push harder for money
I don't know the answer. Is it to leave?. Do not know the answer there either. But at
least you'll have your answer as to how you wound up with less than other people
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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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