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A Change in the Weather


A Change in the Weather | CareerAngles.com

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

“You don’t need a weatherman

To know which way the wind blows”

                                               Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues”


I never would have imagined Bob Dylan writing about C suite professionals but as I work with them globally, a common story emerges.

They are hired to do something.

They achieve success.

The President/Board/VCs change gears.

They want to bring someone on from their past.

They set up the current C suite pro in a no-win situation so they can create an excuse to fire them and replace them with their former subordinate.

I’ve had 3 calls in the last 2 weeks like this. One was a particularly sad story. A C-level exec who helped a firm more than double sales in less than a year. Took a stagnant brand and helped make them hot again.

Their work was world-class, the brand achieved great recognition on a shoestring budget.


There has to be more!

He missed the wind changing direction.


The common advice is to “manage up” better. It’s not like they are going to put you on a performance improvement plan. You are gone because the weather changed.

What can you do?

Meet with the “weatherman” for a conversation.

Read the tea leaves.

Trust your instincts.

It is sad to say that many will look in your eyes and lie . . . but that is the fact of it. You may get praise and “that one little thing” story that is usually the tip off that they have fallen out of love.

That’s the time to get your contract out, meet your lawyer and start considering your options.

There is an old baseball story from the Yankees. Bob Lemon was hired to replace their previous manager, Billy Martin. Before he left, Martin told him that if the team went into a slump, there were three numbered notes in the manager’s desk and that he should open them in numbered order.

The Yankees went into a slump and Lemon opened note Number 1. It said, “Blame me.” Lemon blamed his predecessor for the problems he inherited and the tide changed and they started to win again.

When the team went into another slump, He went to his desk, took out the second envelope and it read, “Blame injuries.” Lemon did that and then the Yankees went on a winning streak.

A few weeks later, another slump started and Lemon went to his desk and opened the third envelope. It read, “Leave three envelopes.”

Sometimes, you need to know what you are stepping into.

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Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter

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