What Companies Look for When Choosing a Board Member

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Remember, they are looking for an asset. What specifically do they want to see from you?

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Finding opportunities to join a board of directors requires a proactive approach and networking within a business community. Here I’m going to talk with you about what companies typically look for when identifying potential board members.

ExecutiveI’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. People hire me for no BS job search advice and coaching globally, because I make the process so much easier for people.

Now, typically, and of course, there are exceptions, they’re looking for someone with industry experience, especially at the level that I would expect you to be hired or being brought onto a board.

They’re not Google or Facebook. It’s a local business that’s trying to select someone that they believe will be able to help them in their business. So they want deep knowledge and experience in their specific industry, or growing a firm, demonstrating expertise relevant to the organization’s operations, challenges, and future goals is very important.

Number two is leadership. Companies value people who exhibit strong leadership abilities, strategic thinking and decision-making skills. Highlight instances where you’ve successfully led teams or organizations or made impactful decisions that possibly influenced an organization.

Third, experience in governance and risk management. Understanding corporate governance practices, risk assessment, and compliance is important. These firms will seek board members who can effectively contribute to these areas and ensure ethical and ethical conduct.

Four, diverse perspectives. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion on their boards. Highlighting any unique experiences, backgrounds or perspectives that can contribute to an overall board’s effectiveness. You’ve got to do this regularly.

Number five is connections. Board members often serve as an ambassador for the firm, requiring strong networks within an industry and thus highlighting your connections, which can prove valuable for opportunities for the organization is something you need to be prepared to do.

Six, reputation and integrity. Your reputation is pivotal. Your reputation for ethical behavior and integrity, at least with quality organizations is essential.

Number seven, a previous interaction with a person or people on the existing board, or with senior leadership of the organization. When experienced previously, and what you were like, gives them confidence about how you might serve their board.

So remember, I said this in an earlier video, securing a board position requires patience, and persistence. Keep enhancing your skills, expand your network, and staying up to date with industry trends will increase your chances of being invited onto a board of directors.

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