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EP 1290 Yeah. I do. Follow my advice carefully. It will make a difference.

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I wrote a short ebook for Kindle. $0.99. I'm going to summarize it for you.

By the way, the way I'm selling it now. It has 2 additional features. A guide to writing resumes and a guide to interviewing. Even knowing how to do this, it is still worth buying for those 2 items.

Here it goes. The book is called, "Diagnosing Job Search Problems." Here is how to diagnose them.

Assuming that you have the skills required, if you're not getting interviews, your resume sucks. If you're not getting calls from recruiters based upon your LinkedIn profile, your LinkedIn profile sucks. If you are getting initial phone interviews but you are not getting invited in for in person interviews, you don't know how to do a phone interview. If you are getting to a 1st round in person interview but no invitations back, you don't interview as well as you think you do… You see where I'm going?

You can diagnose the problem. Every step along the way.

You don't do a good job selling yourself in any of these modalities. If you are not getting results. So, break it down for yourself. That's how you diagnose the issue.

At the end of the day, what you need to do is make changes. There, I can't help you right now because I don't know what you doing in order to give you specific advice. But, for job hunters. In general, has a ton of great content to help people find work and correct mistakes that they're making in the job search . AND It is not enough to watch a video or listen to a podcast or read a book or what have you. You have to put into practice

I was coaching someone yesterday before the interview. He's a guy who isn't particularly sophisticated, very talented in what he does but he needs some work. Suddenly, after starting to work on my site, he has interviews going on. He asked for some advice for how to prepare for in person interview because it was the 1st 1 that he had been close to 20 years; he went on his interview on short notice, well prepared, did a great job. The hiring manager told him he was the 1st person in the door, I'm away next week, let me know if anything changes for you… All the right sort of things, doesn't guarantee these getting the job. But he put on a good show and feels good about himself.

Why? Because you learn what's necessary and has been practicing in order to execute. Great athletes practice. Michael Jordan? Lebron James? Pick the sport. There is not a person in the game who is not practicing relentlessly and you walk into interviews and you wing it.

By the way, you have, how much experience writing resumes? Zero. You may read them as a hiring manager, but that doesn't make your resume writer or good interviewer. Trust me. 40 some odd years of doing this… Most of you guys are awful.

Get help. Get a coach to help you. I'm not talking about a third-party recruiter because all. They are going to do is coaching into a job that they represent. They're not there to represent you. They are representing a client of theirs who was trying to hire someone and they are going to try to "the nests you" into that job. That's fine up to a point, but it is not impartial advice.

Get some help. In a coach. Don't just simply rely upon friends, family, former managers… You know, people who know little more than you do. Maybe? These people haven't been through it as long as I have. has more than 400 videos, podcasts, books, articles, all designed to help you find work more quickly. In addition, you can ask me questions and, as I did with this person, I will prep you on interviews, help you with the salary is and I'll walk you through different steps of the process, personally.

Again, that is Hope to see you at the site. Hope you have a great day and, you know, you need help. You are an amateur in this area. I will finish this up by saying, we've all heard of the 10,000 hour rule popularized by Malcolm Gladwell….It takes 10,000 hours of focused work in order to become expert at something.
And you have, how much experience writing a resume?

I can go on and on with this, but you are a babe in the woods and you don't know what you are doing., Acting like an amateur. Do with the professional athletes do – – get a coach. Practice with that approach. Get better. You'll get a job.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a career and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for more than 40 years.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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10 Responses
  1. John Dyer

    When an employer tells you to turn in your resume online it means they’re not hiring. If they really wanted to hire they wouldn’t need an online resume.

    1. Jeff Altman

      In a few cases that may be true, John. What they are concerned about is whether someone is actively interviewing with someone else, whether the person was referred by a recruiter, whether they will be screamed at by HR, a peer or their boss’ boss because they messed up something for someone else at the firm. They want to register the contact to prevent a recruiter from referring them , , , it’s all institutional CYA, not that they are blowing smoke.

    2. John Dyer

      @Jeff Altman, I don’t buy it. From what I’ve seen, employers give every excuse in the book so they won’t have to hire. They say they’re hiring for a position, but have no intention of hiring for that position. I’ve seen it way too much. If they really wanted to hire, they wouldn’t be so strict with the requirements to be hired in the first place. That’s why I don’t apply for many jobs. Because I know they want perfection and so I don’t apply. Seriously, it’s like what are they so afraid of? Why not give an applicant a chance to prove themselves? Most companies won’t give the applicants a chance. So honestly I don’t apply and give them a chance to waste my time.

    3. Jeff Altman

      @John Dyer That’s different. The thing you have to remember is many hiring managers don’t know how to interview, the job description was never updated and is, maybe, 80% accurate, people are involved in the interview who aren’t guided how to interview people because their manager hasn’t either. It’s why at east 50% of hiring managers have buyer’s remorse within 18 months of hiring someone. The process is out of whack

    4. John Dyer

      @Jeff Altmanyep. It’s no wonder they won’t hire good people. They’re too incompetent and too scared a good hire will take their job.

    5. Jeff Altman

      @John Dyer And then they try to include “fit” into the evaluation. In other words, a job hunter who is on good behavior is being interviewed by an employer, also on good behavior, who is withholding information from them about what’s wrong in their environment (and holds it against them if they ask).

  2. kickinrocks 926

    That Amazion selling training ad befor the video 🤮…Another really annoying trend involving job market and social media total “Bro” fest and you know it all a bunch of no nonsense and stupid sales person talk, lol

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