I’m Interviewing For a Job and Saw That It Has Been Re-Posted!

I’m Interviewing For a Job and Saw That It Has Been Re-Posted!

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Does that mean I don’t have a chance of getting the job?

If Job Boards Don’t Work, What Does?

Hi! I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and the question for today is . . . I’m going to paraphrase it. “I’m interviewing for a job and just saw that it’s been reposted by the company. Does Job boardsthat mean I don’t have a chance for getting the job?”

So again this person is interviewing for a job and seeing that it’s been re-posted. Does this mean they’re out of contention? Have they been rejected? Do they have no chance? The answer is, “no.” Let me kind of walk through the mechanics of how firms conduct themselves and there always are exceptions to this but this is the rule in almost all cases.

Some firms have their job postings on auto-repost. That is a site, I’ll use theladders as an example, may have a position and you can set it up so that if you have not taken the position down, It’ll be reposted and thus refreshed to the top of the list after a certain number of days. Many sites offer that feature to employers and they take it gladly because if the job is still open, they don’t have to waste time reposting it. So that’s option number one.

Option number two is, of course, you have been rejected and you did a crappy job in your interview and they’re not interested. But the likelihood is that, number three, is they are going to keep running that ad until such time as they have an offer extended and accepted and the person has started.

A lot of firms, most firms, conduct themselves that way because they

Have been burned many times by people who say yes too offers and don’t start. They’ve been burned by job hunters who lead them on. You see, as much as people complain about employers, there are a lot of job hunters who create the conditions that everyone lives under.

So, most likely is option number one. auto-reposting. and number three that they’re going to keep running that ad until someone starts the position. They’ll tell you if you’ve been rejected. They won’t contact you for weeks or, if they do contact you,  you get the kiss of death letter. You know, “Thank you so much for applying for this position,” is often the way it starts off and then it gets worse.

So keep your head up. Have a great day! Take care!

I’ve Used Job Boards. You Should, Too


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