3 Things To Look For In An Employer If You’re Not Sure What You Want To Do For A Career

3 things to look for if you're not sure of your career

3 Things To Look For In An Employer If You’re Not Sure What You Want To Do For A Career

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Getting your start in a career can be tough. First, you have to jump through a series of hoops to even get a job. You have to find the job, build your resume, pass the application period and then nail the interview. It’s a lot of work! And if you’re not sure what you want to do, putting in all that work just to be completely unsatisfied later can waste a lot of time.

Luckily, there are some key indicators that may make your search for a career much easier in the long run. One tangible thing you can assess is the company you work for. You can get a better idea if you are in the right place by taking an inventory of what your company’s values are and how they care for their employees.

If you’re unsure of where to begin when considering different employers, take a look at this list to get started:

Hero Ball

Focus On The Benefits

Today, companies present a greater range of benefits for employees than ever before. And with the unemployment rate skyrocketing after the outbreak of COVID-19, potential employees will be looking much more closely at what types of aid are offered. Some key benefits to think about that are sure to pick up traction after the pandemic include relocation services, health insurance and 401k matching. 

Many people will soon be moving from densely populated cities to a more tranquil form of living in smaller metropolises or rural communities. If you’re one of those people, inquire with your company about relocation services. By checking out your company’s resource page, you can find more clarification on remote work, moving services or even local housing listings.

Health insurance will likely be in the spotlight soon and having a great plan from your organization can protect you from financial despair, especially if you are affected by a longstanding hospital stint. From general health to oral and vision, company’s plans vary based on the specific types of services they cover. The best thing you can do if you’re unsure of what you want in a career is to find a company that provides health insurance with very little out of pocket expenses. This will help you save money in the long run and allow you to take advantage of more opportunities when it comes time to choose something you’re passionate about. 

401k matching is another benefit that companies may offer their employees. With this, your employer matches the contribution you’re making to your retirement fund up to a certain percentage. This is a good way to ensure that you, as an employee, are invested in the company and the company, as an employer, is invested in its people. Keep in mind though, that employer matching rarely kicks in right away and instead will begin once you have been working for that company for a certain amount of time.

Determine What Type Of Company You Want To Work For

Do your personal values align with your company’s? If not, this could be a clear-cut sign that you’re not in the right place. Determining whether or not your company is a suitable employer based on their values is dependent on several things. Many companies choose to donate to different causes or have internal charities that help with issues within their surrounding communities. Others promote specific ethics that help bolster company culture. Whichever way your company does it, be sure that you also agree with how they’re representing themselves. 

Winning Has a Price

Company culture is a great way to see if you fit in with the business you work for. Attending company-sponsored events is ideal for getting to know your coworkers and broadening your social network. Team building exercises are also a good way to boost company morale! If you feel that you’re not quite fitting in with the rest of the group, stepping out of your comfort zone and attending one of these events could be the perfect solution for connecting with others you work with.

However, company culture can also be a downfall for employees. Some companies encourage competitiveness which may lead to toxicity between employees. Or, certain behaviors may go overlooked if the company does not have strong HR policies. This could lead to issues for you down the line. While no company is perfect, if you’re being exposed to things that make you feel uncomfortable, it may be best to look elsewhere for employment.

Measure Up Work-Life Balance

Unless you’re working a high-pressure job to start out your career, learning more about your company’s work-life balance is essential if you’re not sure what you want to do in the long term. Rather than commit every waking hour to your work, find a company that will enable a healthy work-life balance.

The first thing to look at is an employer’s personal time off policy. The average company provides 10 days for personal time off per year. However, many companies have been trending to allocate even more time off and some even embracing unlimited time off. Unlimited time off does not mean that you can skate by without working — it simply allows you to be more flexible with your personal hours off. Studies show that providing this benefit often increases productivity in numerous industries as well.

You should also consider whether or not the company permits flexible hours that let you choose the time frame for when you are committed to working. This will make it possible for you to adjust your day to day schedule based on your individual responsibilities. So, for example, with flexible hours, if you have a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day you will not be required to take personal time off to fit it in your schedule. Instead, you can make up the hours earlier or later in the day. This is an ideal option for those with extraneous circumstances, such as being more productive at a certain time of day or having ample private duties.

Changing The Dialogue

No matter what choices you make during your quest for a career, take a mental note of each and everything you like and don’t like about your current job. Finding a career is almost never achieved in the first go around. When entering the workforce for the first time, use the position as a learning experience that will help you pinpoint exactly what type of career is right for you!



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