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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

The skills needed to find a job are different than the skills needed to do a job.

Although I make a lot of information available through my blog, my  YouTube Channel, (a Top 10 YouTube channel for job search) and “No BS Job Search Advice Radio” (The #1 podcast in iTunes for job search and a Top 10 job search podcast), 1:1 coaching allows me to personalize my advice specifically for you. It is a great way to make quick progress. We meet over Zoom, a video service, and, with your permission, I record our sessions and forward them to you for review.

Session #1 will involve teaching you a framework for interviewing. After all, if the phone rings and someone is calling to speak with you about a job or interview you for a position, you don’t have time to say, “Can I call you back. I need to speak with my coach to help me get ready!”

Interviews can come at any time. People may not think of that conversation on the train or bus, in the elevator or at the bar, as an interview, yet sometimes they are. I’ll have you ready. We’ll also cover networking effectively, using LinkedIn effectively (I am LinkedIn member 7653), all the minutiae of the search, your questions, negotiating and much more.

Let Me Help You

Purchase 8 30 minute sessions or 4 one hour sessions and receive a $125 discount on a resume and LinkedIn profile critique.

Most importantly, you’ll receive time with someone who doesn’t have an interest in whether you accept a particular job because he has a fee associated with that job. I work for you.

Other options are also available.

Too often people rely upon people for advice at critical junctures of their job search that are poorly equipped to advise them. Sometimes what you need are fresh eyes listening to your circumstances and offering expert experience. Sometimes, you need the ear of someone trained as a job search coach offering cures to your problems (To remind you, I am an MSW from Fordham University and attended the Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis for several years).

Whether it is my head hunting experience or my experience as a therapist and coach, I am uniquely qualified to help you get (back) on the right path and quickly.

Note: I only work with individuals at a manager level and above.

As someone who worked in search for many years and filled more than 1200 full-time positions plus consulting assignments, I have a unique background to help you get your next position.


Jeff is a knowledgeable and sincere career coach. Not only was he always available, he has a true understanding of the dynamics of recruitment, job hunting, offer negotiation and my industry as a whole. Please reach out to him if you need guidance in the areas I mentioned above. You will not be disappointed.

Cyber Security Leader

I was in the middle of a job transition where one position was ending due to end of contract with customer, but I had two possibilities: one with a contingent offer that would start the following Monday, and one full offer with an original start date 2 weeks later. Jeff gave me sound advice, reassuring me which choice is the right one. In fact, the organization from whom I have accepted the offer agreed to bump my start date 2 weeks earlier from the original date, thus giving me a continuous employment flow, just changing organizations over the weekend. I hope to seek advice from him via his YouTube videos as well as his LinkedIn when it comes to my career. Thank you so much for your sound advice Jeff.

Senior Test Engineer

I am in middle of career transition and I recently reached out to Jeff before an important interview. In one hour Jeff was able to help me become well-prepared and he covered lots of important information that really helped me in a lot of ways. He gauges and understands the problem really well and then accordingly provide you with the correct guidance. He is really good with career coaching and I would totally recommend him going forward.


Read What Others Have Said

In addition to the recommendations above, if you visit my LinkedIn page, you will find many more recommendations plus hundreds of endorsements that people gave voluntarily for different skills I have both as a coach and from my time in search.

Let me help you transition to a new role, working as your ally, guiding you with my experience and knowledge to your next opportunity.

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