Establishing your worth is more the most Important things that you can do in business and in job search. In this video, I walk through a simple technique that anyone can do.

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This video is entitled, "Your Worth." Your worth is consistently 1 of the things that people undervalue and they do so for one very simple reason – – they don't understand their value. They go into the job market and decide they are looking for a certain percentage increase over what they currently earn without making any comparisons.

Comparisons have value and I understand that employers attempt to value you based upon previous salary. After all, they are not going to take a $65,000 per your person and pay them $135,000, or are they? Not unless they go into consulting 1st and establish themselves as earning $65-$90 per hour . In which case, at $65, they are earning $130,000 per year and at $90 per hour they are earning $180,000 per year. Then, they will try to drop you down.

What can you do to establish your value?

The 1st thing you need to do is to establish it in your own mind. You need to understand how you compare with others. You are not going to find that out online. You're going to find out by talking to hiring managers and other organizations to get a sense of how they would value you and your skills without telling them necessarily that you are looking for job but you just want to try get a sense of how they would evaluate you. For example, don't tell them what you are currently earning; just asked him to give you a sense of what your capabilities are and how they would assess you. That's a more valuable benchmark for any online survey you might ever read.

After all, the surveys are very limited. They may offer a job title; they may offer skill set. There is no depth in that. For example, if you are in IT and it says, "Java developer," what does that really say? There are tons of different tools to go along with that.

How do you get that sense? The 1st place is internally so that in this way, you are persuasive with someone else. Then, from there, I think the 2nd places during the waiting. A lot of job hunters do things that devalue themselves and often that occurs during the waiting process. They become anxious they REALLY want it. Their desperation comes across and kind of like the guy or girl in a dating situation who is waiting by the phone pining for that person to call them to the point where they turn into a stalker who called for 5 different times in a short period of time to try to flush out that person they were out with, you don't want to come across as being desperate. Desperation doesn't work, does it?

You will like it. After all, if you walked into a car dealership and the salesperson tried to push you into buying a car or they were selling life insurance and they try to push you into a policy, employers don't like it and hiring managers don't like it. So why do you act desperate?

You have to control yourself and the best way to do that is to go out on more "dates." By dates, I'm referring to interviews. By doing this, you get a sense of your value. You get a sense of how others perceive you and how that engenders more interesting you. The more interest you get, the better you will feel, the more value you will have and the more persuasiveness you will deliver when talking about your value to others.

You see, it's not just enough that you know your value. That's the starting place. You need to convince other people of your value in the 1st way to do it is with YOUR attitude. Your attitude says a lot to the employer. It says, "Hey, look, I would love to work for you, but there are other fish in the sea, too." That's the same as what they communicate to you, right? "Hey, we'd love to hire you, but were to talk to 25 more people before we circle back and maybe, ask you out again." You have to have your equivalent as well.

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