You don't have much experience with . . .

This question is more of a statement than a question and is designed to rescue you.

Imagine, they’re staring at your resume and looking very serious. They look up and comment, “Gee, you don’t seem to have a lot of experience with . . .”  whatever it is.

If it’s something specific like a technology background or an aspect of accounting or engineering, you can kind of hit a slam (In tennis, if you hit an overhead and you just defeat your opponent on the hit without retaliation for it, no response to it). That’s really what they’re begging you for at this point.

If you reply, “It’s true. I don’t have a lot of experience with it,” basically, you just shot yourself in the foot and you can kiss the job goodbye. You’re not getting this job.

It reminds me of a video I did about the two dirty words in job search and job interviews. Job search Are “only,” as in “I’ve only done this,” or “I’ve only done that.” The other dirty word is, “light,” as in “I have light experience with this or that.” That’s because each says “I don’t really know anything about this,” or, “I don’t have any confidence in my ability to answer questions on the subject. Could we go on to something else?”

Here, they are giving you a chance to refute their conclusion. Take it. Tell them exactly what you know and what you’ve done. Why you claim the experience.

For example, I’m going to use an IT example. “Gee, you don’t seem to have a lot of experience with C#. “At this point, you talk about how you got your training in C#, how at previous jobs you did work with C#, you worked very closely with your manager so you got very good insights and support into it. Even though it’s not 10 years of experience with the technology, you have good underpinnings, solid experience with it, you talk with them about what you’ve done, yadda yadda yadda.

If you’re in accounting, talk about how you worked with your manager on certain functions and were able to deliver things on time, within budget, and, yes, you had a little bit of support but it wasn’t a lot of support.

What you’re doing is taking the opportunity to talk about your training and experience your experience. Speak with confidence and certainty about what you’ve done, looking them in the eye, not backing down, and just hitting that overhead back and winning the point.


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