EP 304 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses what he calls the yoga of job hunting.

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If you stay in your comfort zone talking to the same people over and over again, applying to the same jobs you find online over and over again, you are going to wind up in a small confined area. Instead, you want to be thinking like yoga, which is about the stretch and doing slightly more all the time in order to grow your muscle, become more limber and feel better.

Too often, we as adults (I include you millennials) start to think in terms of the rules you have been taught and systems that you have been taught to believe in that, frankly, are just self-limiting beliefs that others are imposing upon you.

As a guest of mine on Job Search Radio said a while back (his name is Chance Taureau), we are the product of all of our habits. If our habit is to second-guess ourselves and to work in small confined areas, we are constantly going to be having doubt and second-guessing ourselves. What you want to be doing is constantly going to the stretch. I'm not going to be stretching out for you now; I did that earlier today. I'll simply say that what's important is to stretch a little bit, to get to that place where you go a little bit more every day and discover that you can do more.

I remember going to a yoga class some years ago and the teacher said, "STRETCH all the way possible." That was great. Then they said, "STRETCH a little bit further." Remember, with stretch all the way possible and lo and behold we were able to go further. It's the same way with job hunting. It's the same way with networking.

When all is said and done, your self-limiting beliefs are what is probably holding you back from reaching out and connecting with that person that you really admire or can really help you. It's time to change the behavior and stretch just a little bit more every single day in order to get what you want..

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is an executive job search and business life coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years.
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