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Ep 240 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter response to a question one of his listeners has with advice for help to get more job leads for his job search.

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I received an email today from 1 of my listeners to Job Search Radio who had a question for me. It basically says, "I'm looking for a GM or senior sales and marketing leadership role…" And he goes on to discuss the size of the firm he works in and his areas of expertise. In his case, it is industrial manufacturing or polymer engineered materials. He tells me where he lives and where geographically he is open to and he continues by saying, "I fully realize that my level networking should be the main focus of my effort having spoken to numerous accountants, lawyers, and some business owners in the area, I have not unearthed opportunities. Targeting some companies to get a better understanding of the companies trends, unmet needs, all working to network my way to a hiring manager but have not had much success. Any tips would be helpful."

Let me start by saying that this person is doing a lot of the right things. I would like to head in a couple of more here.

Business coaches. The CEO of an organization may be using a business coach. 1 of the largest if not the largest of the business coaching services is an organization called Vistage. They bring together small groups of small to medium-size businesses (I tend to think of them as being small; they categorize them as SMB)... Under $50 million in sales. They get together on a monthly basis and have the CEOs to work with one another to support one another.

Mastermind groups. Finding mastermind groups may be another entrée point. What Vistage does is function like a mastermind for CEOs.

Business coaches. Accountants, lawyers. Great approach to take!

Insurance people is another wanted may strike you as being odd, but sometimes there be hearing about a business being sold, and someone might be interested in buying a business and what isn't expressed here is there might be an opportunity for someone to buy 1 of these firms that comes up for sale.

Fundamentally, this person is doing a lot of the right things and I commend them. The hard thing is, once you reach these people one time, often it is the 2nd or 3rd contact that makes a difference. After all, imagine what it is like to be on their side.

Ring. Ring.

"Hi! I'm looking for a job. Do you know anything at my level with any of your clients?"

"No." What there really is saying, "I don't really know you well enough to recommend you." What you need to do is build up your credentials with them in order for them to have enough trust refer you to their client. After all, if you don't do well in your interview, you reflect badly on them.

Again, it's not just simply one time. It is multiple times. It's going to the Chamber of Commerce meetings for your areas. Not just doing it once, but doing it multiple times looking for ways to get the business owners, business leaders and business executives. People who sell to those individuals on multiple occasions in order to make those connections to find work.


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