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EP 2025 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter encourages you to stretch yourself when working with recruiters.

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Hi, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Now, working with recruiters is one of those subjects that most job hunters . . . Basically, all you want to do is piss and moan about recruiters and how you've been ill treated by them and how they're all competent. I got it. But there are ways of working with recruiters and one involves you stretching a little bit. And the stretch is . . . I know it's easier to work with recruiters that you already know, but you have to learn the work with strangers. Here's why. The fact of the matter is the search person that you trust who works at the big agency, that's got the big brand name in your industry . . . They only have a certain number of contacts. Do you think they control the relationships or even have the relationships in every firm in your market area in your city? I doubt it. You may live in the one traffic light town like I did some years ago and maybe they do there but . . . Then they're the surrounding areas. So, at the end of the day, you need to start stretching to people that you don't know. It's kind of like networking. You want to get to people that you don't already know because the statistics are and this is this is fact, 70% of jobs are filled through networking and 70% of the 70% are filled through an introduction to someone that you didn't know at the beginning of this search who helps facilitate the hire. In recruiting the easiest way to meet people that you don't know is through posting a resume or job board. I know that's going to result in a variety of contacts from people who are idiots morons and incompetent. I got it. It's also going to provide you with introductions to people that you don't know who are not idiots who are actually quite smart, capable and effective in trying to fill jobs. So, you're going to have to do what I do, which is a certain amount of triage unless you hire someone like me to handle your entire scheduling. It's too expensive for most of you to do. I'll say to you very simply put yourself in the position where you're there to evaluate and assess recruiters, like they're evaluating you. Put yourself out there and don't just simply say, "I'm only going to work with the people who I already know." What happens if one of them leaves the business or doesn't have something for you right now. Do you want to just sit home watching TV. I don't think so. So start putting yourself out there so that you can start evaluating other things. This is Jeff Altman..I hope you found this helpful. Come over to I've got a lot of content there that you could watch, listen to or read to help you find more work more quickly.


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