Will They Contact Me Even If They Aren’t Hiring?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
There is a specific word in the title that is the key to answering this question. Guess what the word is.

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I love this question because it’s almost like a trick question. “If an employer isn’t hiring does it mean that they will ignore applications?”

Now if an employer isn’t hiring, they’re probably not going to

interview anyone, right? But the key thing is the word applications because that tells me you’re applying to a job through human resources and Human Resources certainly isn’t going to start interviewing you because you submitted an application. They work in a just-in-time manner.

“We need to hire someone. We need to find someone.” Other than that, we’ve got other things to do. We’re not going to interview gratuitously.

So submitting your application will place you in an applicant tracking system where if they have time they’ll do a search as soon as a new requirement opens up to see who’s in their database who might fit the role, send a communication to that person and re-contact them in effect.

However, there’s the big “however” here. What you can do is try to identify a hiring manager who hires people like you. You can do that by finding people who work in the organization doing similar things to what you do and seeing if they can point to the right person and say “I’m getting the idea from HR that hiring isn’t going on for someone like me,” and describe your background to them. “But someone pointed me to you as being someone who hires people with my background. I was wondering if we might get together and chat about my experience so that if and when something opens up, you have the ability to reach out to me and we’ve made contact and you know my capabilities.”

Now that’s really the best way of getting your foot in the door, even if they aren’t hiring, particularly if they’re hiring because then there’s a real need and your relationship with the person who’s involved with hiring. But sending it in through the applicant tracking system nothing is going to happen at all.

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