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EP 411 Sometimes an internship after graduation makes sense. Here are a few of the instances where I think they do make sense for you.

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There are many reasons why many of you may be struggling to find work. 1 of them may be your grades just weren't good enough and employers are holding that against you. Maybe the internships that you had while you were in school frankly sucked and now they're being held against you.. Here are a couple of things that you can be doing to try and rectify this.

The most obvious one is getting an internship after you graduate. What of quality internship will do is help strengthen your resume. . What do I mean by strengthening your resume? You never, you are never going to rectify the grades. But when you get to interview you can say, "Look, while I was in school, I need some mistakes. I did not work with, particularly hard. My grades obviously suffered. The internships I had were mediocre at best. What I have tried a lot to do since graduating is step up my game a lot and I think you'll find my references now that I am out of school from the internship that I am at our going to be extremely good.

"So that's one reason why you do it. The second reason (and it relates to the 1st) is you're struggling to find a job. So, what this internship can do is . . . try get one where you're working full time and really bust the gut; be the intern from God that all the hiring managers, all the senior people in this organization, in your department really love. Get an internship in order to compensate for the fact that you're struggling to get a new position and it will just help you build your references.

It will also help build your network so you want to improve upon the network of people that you're connected with and who might be able to help you. So consider getting an internship for that reason. Also, think about it being an opportunity to get your foot in the at and organizations that you would like to work for. So, let's say, you want to target something in investment banking. Your grades worth 3.3 and you went to an average school. What you trying to do is to get your foot in the door. Consider taking an internship for that reason.

Lastly another reason tp take an internship after graduation is you are not really sure about what direction you should take, and, as a result, that's going be a process to help you sort through the beginnings of your career, so you can figure out which path you should go through. Part of the way that you will do that is by meeting people who are already on the path who will give you advice, but don't think of it as being something that's can happen week one. Again, part of building the network is developing relationships with smart people who or further along than you, who will then feel comfortable and be willing to give you advice.

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