It seems not to make sense for people to be rejected for a job if they are overqualified. After all, a company is getting more that they are paying for. And it does make sense.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for, a
site with curated information that you can watch listen to or read that'll help
you find work more quickly. The on curated material is at
That's a free site. is a premium site. Great
information at both. The question from someone . . . I love this one . . .
why won't people get hired for the job if they're overqualified whoo so I
started off, I just want to make sure I would do this well and I got an
interesting response so the first thing. I did is I looked at the definition of
overqualified. A Google search defines it as being "having qualified . . . Having
qualifications that exceed the requirements of a particular job." Then, it
goes on to say an overqualified person will quickly become dissatisfied and
that's the problem what's thoughts that happen is you mines
starts to deteriorate. Let me give you an example.
you know I long basic math in public school like at a very early age I
remember first grade I was doing math problems I had no idea whether I was any
good at it but if you had me go back into first grade math 40 hours a week, 60
hours a week, however long I't'd be working with the expectation I'd be perfect, I
think that it'd be horrible. It's going back to the beginning. And for an
overqualified person, firms understand that they're going to become bored,
frustrated, disinterested. They're dissatisfied and want to leave . . . and with
good reason farms have learned this lesson over the
years it's like the manager who says I only
I'm looking for a staff level role I don't want to manage they will test that
person till the cows come home to make sure that that's true because
they find it hard to believe. After all, compensation's lower, the nature of the
work is less than what they're used to performing are we sometimes you know
it's a scary proposition for an organization so why aren't they hired
because of kindness they are being kind to the job hunter because they don't
want you to destroy your mind you know become numb do all sorts of awful things
because you need a check. I'm looking at this as kindness. You may look at this as
stupidity and that's your prerogative but they only they only want
three-quarters of your mind the other quarter it doesn't matter they're not
going to pay for that extra quarter of your mind that they don't need they only
want what they need. Got that?. I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this
helpful. Visit my website, for uncurated
information you can watch, listened to or read. The curated material is at Regardless, if you're interested in one-on-one coaching
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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