Why will most people fail on interviews

Why will most people fail? They are aiming at the wrong target. Let me explain.


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Most of you go on interviews, and you think you know what they're looking for but you really don't. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a career and leadership coach, a former recruiter, I host Job Search TV on YouTube. And the No BS. Let's try that again. And No BS, Job Search dvice Radio, the number one podcast in Apple podcasts for job search. As of this recording more than 2000 episodes over more than 10 years. And I worked in recruiting. I understand what firms look for.

And most of the time, you have a job description, and you think you know what they want. The problem is, most job descriptions are 80% accurate. HR people laugh when I say that, and many of them will tell me "if we're lucky, they're 80% accurate." Why is this? Why are job descriptions not quite right?" And the answer comes down to how they're generated.

It's Friday afternoon, someone gives notice. And the hiring manager graciously accepts it or tries to fight back and get this person to take a counter. But it's Friday afternoon, and they now call over to HR and they go, "you got that job description we used to hire Jeff?" He just gave notice and I've got to get a replacement in. So can you get that job description out that we used the hire him and get it out to our resources, post it a couple of places and see who can get onto my calendar on Tuesday." No one ever updates these things with the result being they kind of figure it out as they go along.

And from the time they start the search until the time you walk in, it may have morphed, and no one ever updates these things. So it's important at the beginning of the interview, first thing that you do, they connect with you on Zoom or you sit down in the chair for the in person interview. . . Excuse me. . . And as soon as your butt touches the seat, you start by saying, "hey, thanks so much for making time to meet with me. Yeah, I recall the position description." or Jeff, the recruiter told me about the role, but I want to get your take on it. Could you tell me about the job as you see it and what I can do to help."

Now sometimes they're gonna say, "so what do you understand,"and you have to parrback a quick synopsis of the job, and then they'll correct it. However it is, the goal is to find out about the job at the beginning of the interview so you can talk about what you've done that matters to them and not just talk about what you've done.

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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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