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EP 1632 Here I answer a question for someone who wants to know why they have such poor success rate.

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This is No Job Search Advice Radio, Episode 1632. I'm your host, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, and welcome to Halloween. Oh, this show is not going to be scary. But, I'm just going to take a moment to do one of those scary voices from the 1940s and 1950s. This is the way they used to sound on the radio, where they have those funny accents.
And, today's show answers one of those questions. "Why does applying for jobs online have such a low success rate?" Hope you find this helpful. Hope you don't waste your time only apply the jobs online and enjoy
The question it says, "why does applying for jobs online has such a low success rate?" And I think the answer is pretty simple. And I'm going to use a metaphor here. Imagine an ocean and there's one hook and millions of fish there. And they all want to get caught. What happens? They are all clamoring for that one hook.
Now that's great for employers, but not good for Job Hunters. That's why, historically, those of us who coach always talk about approaching organizations away from the applicant tracking system, because the metaphor is perfectly valid. You are one of a million fish in the ocean, who are all looking for the same hook, and it's tough to get there. In addition, even when you apply, let's look what happens through the application process.
There's an applicant tracking system that's parsing your resume, and many of the systems, that corporations and many third party recruiters have has intelligence (I put that in air quotes) that's designed to filter resumes. So, unless you're using the same keywords early in the resume, the system may reject you just on that basis. And, even if the system is not "intelligent" and you're getting through to a human being, often at corporations, who's that human being? Do you think it's the hiring manager? Do you think it's HR? Do you think it's a person in HR who screening for a busy individual who just has one interview after another backedup all day, and may be the most junior person in the office whose job it is to filter those hundreds of resumes that are coming in?
There's a lot that goes into being selected and, unfortunately, the systems that firms use isn't ideal for how it communicates with job hunters. Don't be surprised if you get a low success rate because, like I said, there's a lot of things that are stacked against you in getting responses.
You're always better to network to the hiring manager, to use relationships that you have, and can develop in order to get an introduction to the manager who's actually hiring, rather than going through this applicant tracking system.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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