I wish my answer weren’t true but, unfortunately, it is.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people and organizations, helping
them to be more effective. And I wound up getting a question from someone I wanted
to answer today and that is why do recruiters reach out to me for jobs that
I'm not qualified for?" Congratulations, you're getting the rookies. And one of a
couple of things is happening the ginger people haven't been adequately trained
They're using old resumes to make their mistakes or they're using LinkedIn and
they haven't learned how to do anything more than a keyword search let me work
with the latter because that's the more likely event what happens is they have a
job description that a senior gives them and it's got a number of keywords /
requirements in the job description I'm going to use tech as an example it could
apply to anything. They mention three programming languages, a job title, a
statement of functionality they're just using those programming languages as the
keywords here they're not looking at title they're not looking at numbers of
years they're not looking at the business so as a junior person you're
getting contacted for managerial jobs as a manager you're getting contacted for
staff jobs it's a very common occurrence because they haven't learned yet how to
recognize the difference between one and the other so they're just blasting out
to anyone and anything using the LinkedIn Recruiter product
which if you're not familiar with it. LinkedIn sells access to their database
to recruiters to find people. So, you know they're able to pay for inmails. They
get a hundred per month to work with. It did hyou don't respond it's not credited back
so they're then at 99. If you do respond, that's credited back where they can go
contact more people but fundamentally the answer the question stems from lack
of training and lack of understanding of what they're looking for
and all they're doing is blasting. The hope is that, even if you respond that
you're not qualified maybe they've got something else for you in the office so
they're just trying to get into conversations with people yes they want
to see if you'll do the freakin job. So, if you're a manager, are you able to do this
job that would require you to relocate 2,000
miles at your own expense. Who, the heck is going to do that of course but it's
better training it's bad experiences and no one's told them anything different
yet and they're learning on you. Now, I confess, back when I saw in the Stone
Age's and when I started training people and we didn't have access to LinkedIn I
just told them call. Make your mistakes. 'learn from it. These days there's no
excuse for because you just have to narrow the search down sufficiently to
get to the right person.. I'm Jeff Altman, I hope you found this
helpful. My website is TheBigGameHunter.us G too the blog there; go
exploring I've got thousands of posts that can help you find work help you be
more effective with hiring, managing, leading, a whole host of different things
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