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There are reasons why recruiters want to talk on the phone that make complete sense. I go through a few with you.

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Hi! I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter And you are watching and listening to Job Search Radio.

I received a question from someone asking me, "Why do recruiters always want to talk on the phone?" Oooh! what a terrible crime recruiters commit! Awful. Awful. They want to talk on the phone.

I understand that at times it is inconvenient for you. You're at work, you are with other people, it is easier to do things by email. But the question is why do they want to talk on the phone? It really depends on where the relationship is with them

. For example, what I used to do recruiting,People would say, "Just send me the questions." I start to do that and got some basic data.. I had a list of questions. I was initially forward to people and not everyone responded. It is very frustrating because people were telling me, "Why do we have to talk on the phone."

And then they didn't respond to those either! I started to go back to the phone and reach out to people and the reason that I did was (1) I needed information to start off with. After all, when you're sending a resume, you're not telling me the depth of your experience. You not telling me yourself. You're not telling me acceptable geographic locations. I am no sense of your oral communications and firms look for that. I have no idea as to whether you are reasonable or not with your salary expectations. There is a lot of data that I can get pretty quickly with a phone call.

Let's look at different alternatives. Text? I can't to the tone of your voice. I canter the pitch of your voice. I can't hear whether you are agonizing over answer and you really don't want to do it, or whether you are sincere in wanting to do it. Obviously, I can't tell how will you speak or not, and there's a bunch of other things.

As we get further along in the search, we want to prepare you for an interview. We want to give you a sense of who you're going to meet with, how to present yourself and, as many emails and videos as I would send to people to prepare them for interviews, there is nothing like a personal phone prep from me in order to get people ready. It was the best performance because I could personalize it for the individual job. If you would tell me that I should do a YouTube video for every client that was scheduling people with, NO! I don't want to put that stuff up in the public domain or keep hard drive or the cloud. It's too easily hacked and, eventually, files get corrupted and the sequence of interviews gets confused. I may prep you for 2 people and 1 of them quotes and then I have one person and the other person is useless.

Finally, as we get later on in the search and you want to collect certain data prior to the offer, you want to know whether someone is getting close to another offer. You don't want to do that through email; you want to get into a conversation with someone to get a sense of where they are in the search and how your client ranks, give them information real-time so that in this way, you learn whether or not it is worth your clients effort to extend the offer or not. whether you need to get the money increased or not.

There's lots of stuff that's just faster or more expedient to do by phone.

Now if you guess the question, "why do recruiters always want to talk on the phone when we could be using Skype," there I can agree with you. Skype accomplishes the same thing. However, knowing from experience what someone is really saying is, "Why can't we just do this by email," email is completely inadequate for communicating what we need to in order to collect information, prepare you for interviews and get you ready for an offer.

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