Is it so they can say they’ve fulfilled their obligation to publically post the job before outsourcing, at which time experience in their particular application no longer becomes a requirement?

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Someone asked a great question, here we go, ready? Why is it that companies post requirements of skills for . . . that are only specific to their company? That is only if you'd worked at their company possibly in or in the role advertised? Would you have such skills? People outside of their company could not possibly have that background? Is it so that they fulfill their obligation to publicly post the position between, uh, before outsourcing at which time the experience in that particular application no longer becomes a requirement?
Great question, because of that last part, that is was it posted that way in order to eliminate US potential hires and focus in on the offshore population.
Now, I'll circle back to one thing and that is the part in here where it says they abandon the requirements for the offshore person. Now, I know some firms have done that in the past and things have become more stringent. And, yes, it is certainly possible that job descriptions have been created in order to eliminate the US residents from consideration and zero in on the offshore person who is significantly less expensive. But you'll only see that really with consulting firms. Consulting firms might do that. And that doesn't sound like what this job is because consulting firms generally won't construct the job description to exclude US citizens. They just want to get it filled and you know, there's ample opportunities to replace this person afterwards. So, consulting firms, no. Industry maybe.
And for people in industry, yes, you may run into this. But it may also be this is everything we would love this person to have. And you can work with the assumption that if you had 80% of it, you might be hired. . . if you had other attributes as well-- a personality, presence, you inspire confidence that you're the solution to a need, they trusted you.
You know, again, it's hard to really judge because I don't have specifics here. But, yes, it's certainly possible that this is an offshore employer. But it's also possible that they're trying to get as much as possible. And then here's the third criteria. Maybe your assumption that this is only fillable by people who work for their employer now. could fill this job. Maybe you're wrong about that. And the assumption in the question is false.
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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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