EP 2262 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses how to answer this tricky interview question.

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Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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i'm jeff alton of the big game honor and
welcome to tuesdays
boy things have been going well for me
this week
and uh today is one of those tough
interview question days
someone asks the question
in that pompous manner
so um
how did you leave your last job come on
tell us tell us the truth you're not
going to tell us the truth i want to
know the truth
and uh kind of try and uh
shall we say slime it out of you
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why did you leave your last job
tell me tell me the truth come on come
on come on come on
they they don't quite do that come on
come on come on the thing but they do
try to make it seem like this is your
time to reveal intimate details of your
life that are completely inappropriate
and talk about in an interview and they
just want you to confess
now playing on that
the the
two scenarios number one is you know if
you got laid off
you're obviously not going to say i was
the least productive person in my
organization so it was easy for them to
choose me
now that's not the right answer
obviously from your vantage point from
theirs they go okay thank you very much
in that situation again there are two in
that situation what you do is talk about
an organization that was struggling
financially that did across the board
and unfortunately based upon seniority
you were either a the least experienced
person the most junior person in the
department or be one of the more
expensive people in the department and
they decided you know
you know quality of work be damned they
were just gonna you know
they could take out one person and save
the money out of your department uh or
three people and they opted for the one
so that's one approach
again if you got laid off because you're
the most junior that's easy you know
they did a seniority approach
uh i was the most junior individual or
in in the organization or in that
department and it was
unfortunately not the an issue of the
quality of my work because what my
reviews were for
you know ultimately it shows me
if you're in a situation where you were
not laid off or you had a choice this is
a subtle one you want to kind of agonize
and again remember i believe in acting
in the course of an interview
so you want to act like you're agonizing
and going back in time to think about
and you say and you say something along
the lines of this was not an easy
decision for me
i gotten frustrated because
you know
they saw me as someone who could
run this department
uh be very good as a programmer whatever
it is
and i don't want to sit in the same job
for the next 25 years of my life
it was real clear to me that was going
to be the case where i was
after speaking with my manager and
he being very clear that this was the
plan for me
i decided and notice how i hesitated
there you know it's the agony part of
this i decided that although i like my
although i liked the work i was doing i
liked the people i was
generally happy
i had to think a longer term
and i started to go out on interviews
and organizations saw me very
differently they saw me as someone who
had a huge upside
you know it wasn't just that i was going
to come in and do the same thing
organizations spoke about
how they would do career development for
me and help me with my growth
so that becomes a different approach to
the second scenario when you were let go
when you had a rough situation
and you decided to look elsewhere using
myself for example
i left one firm at one point and you
know i was a top producer there as you
would expect
one day i came to realize
that i wasn't getting the support that i
needed to do what i was
what i do
management kept reducing tools and i
kept reaching into my own pocket to pay
for them
and i paused and i asked myself if i'm
going to do that
and again think of me as a salesperson
if i'm going to do that
why if i'm going to be paying for a lot
of this stuff myself
am i giving management such a large
percentage of each sale that i do so i
decide to hang my own shingle out
so you notice you know what i'm doing is
painting a situation with a story so
it's understandable from the audience's
standpoint i'm not acting bitter in any
way i'm not acting harshly i've just
decided to explain it in a very
forthright way so that's today's show i
hope you found it helpful and if you did
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hope you have a great day
be great

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