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By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
EP 139 Eat, Treat, Meet, Sleep. Whistling in the Dark. Showcase. Progress. These are the themes for this week’s show.

Roadblocks. Perseverance. Adversity. Resilience. Determination

This is “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast,” Episode 139. I’m your host, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. Minimally, I like to spend a little bit of time weekly talking with you about some aspect of life, the universe and everything. Last week I introduced what I’ll refer to is an “in-between- a-sode,” something I released later in the week about prioritizing that I thought would be helpful and allow us to stay connected. I hope you liked it. I hope you continue to listen to the show and get value from it.

SEGMENT 1. This weekend. as often happens, some things surfaced that I thought would make sense to create a show around. Last night, I was watching an episode of “Hard Knocks,” which this season is following the Los Angeles Raiders in training camp. Their head coach, Jon Gruden, walked out for a meeting with his team. This is a packed meeting room because there’s a lot more players and in training camp than there are during the season. So, they’ve got 90 people in camp; they’ll eventually whittle it down into the 40s.

He walked out and, in an effort to make his point, he said very simply, in addition to practice the four things that you’re responsible for: eat, treat, sleep, and meet. Eat. Eat properly; don’t eat crap. Minimize that (because these are big guys, and they’re used to eating crap). But take care of yourself and your body. Treat any injury that you have. Don’t ignore it because it could become a lot worse. Sleep. Get your sleep in because you can’t perform at your highest level if you’re sleep deprived. Meet. Get into the meeting rooms with the coaches. Work on the things that you have to from a meeting perspective.

Folks, I can make it more simple for you. In addition to doing your job, you have to eat properly, treat any sort of illness or injury and not try and power through them because all that happens is things tend to get worse. You sleep properly so that you can come in and be ready to perform. Hin terms of meeting, there may not be an opportunity to meet. I’m going to substitute network. Network with people; connect with people; make the point of staying in contact with others. You’ll feel better. You’ll perform better. And isn’t that really what you want.


SEGMENT 2. When I was a young boy, I remember being at sleepaway camp, and we were doing an overnight. You knew there were animals out there. And you really didn’t want to get acquainted with them. So what we learned to do, I’m not sure how we learned it, but we got the idea that if we whistle, it might scare the animals and we could convince ourselves that we weren’t afraid.

Think about that for a second– whistling in the dark to convince ourselves that we aren’t afraid.

How many situations do you see people whistling in the dark, trying to convince themselves that they’re not afraid? Maybe you, too. As adults (and maybe your children), there are things that they do things that we do to persuade ourselves that we’re not scared of stepping into things. Just be aware of when you feel like whistling and what form the whistling takes.

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SEGMENT 3. When I lived in New York, I remember going to showcases for singers and performers. They had a tremendous amount of talent and you start to realize that the people in the showcases aren’t going to make it. They’re never going to be big. They may have a nice little career but they’re never going to be the big performer, the huge success, the ones we all know by first name.

Talent only really takes you so far. You’ve got to want it and do all the right things to get the success that you want. Your appetites for things, your hunger for it, your drive, your determination has to show up because otherwise, you’re just one of those people in the showcase. Unfortunately, you stay at that level. Is that really what you want? Do you want more?


SEGMENT 4. Sunday mornings, I get together with friends and we’ll sit for about two hours with one another, having a bite of food and just talking. Often, I set the theme for the conversation. Yesterday’s theme was about progress because we’ve all known one another’s story about our hardships and our heart aches but we don’t always hear the good stuff, the self-aware statement of what the progress is that someone’s making, where they were and now where they see that in themselves today. I think that’s true of more than just us. That’s probably true of you, too.

Every once in a while. put something on your calendar. Every six months, take a moment: acknowledge your progress. Astart with where you were, and where you are now. You’ll discover you’ve really moved a ways. I don’t think it’s good to do it daily because I just think it becomes an annoyance if you do it that way.

But every six months, if you take a minute and write a note to yourself, or you and your wife, husband or partner, sit down with one another and talk about the progress you as individuals have made and how you see you as a couple of made. I think it serves you. I think it also serves you if, professionally, you think about it, as well. Maybe you’re with a group of people and you need to connect with one another. Take a minute. Talk with them about the progress you’ve made for yourself, and what you see for the team and its progress. I think you will be impressed by how powerful that experiences is.


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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