EP 1953 I was speaking with a coaching client who told me about how someone in the C suite at a former employer offered to help him if he knew someone.

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This video is coming from a conversation I had with a coaching client yesterday. The subject came up of he's got someone who's offered to help him. He's a senior manager; he's got a boss in the C suite, who said to him something along the lines of, "you know, if I know someone or a particular organization that's hiring, or that you're interested in, I'll provide an introduction." It's a great situation to be in but you also don't want to impose all the time. You don't want to call them or text them every day. You just want o be in a situation where you make it convenient for them.
So, what he did was create a Google Doc, and he shares the Google Doc with this person. And he'll list which organization, nature of the role, who he's submitting, or has submitted a resume to, added another column that indicates whether or not the person knows someone so they can make a an X or a checkbox there that allows him to know if there was a relationship there.
From there, I made the suggestion that what he might also do is have a template of a couple of different letters that this person could write so that, in this way, it was easy for them. One of the things that slows down the process, when you're asking someone to help you is you're also making them write the letter. You're also making them do some work to help you. So, my thought was make it convenient. Have a couple of template messages there and say something along the lines of, "Hey, I want to introduce so and so to you. I have them them for a number of years. I think he might work well for this role that you have available". Or, the variation is, "if you know the person who's hiring for this role, could you put him in touch?" and thus the email template goes to the person.
It also goes to my coaching client so that in this way, the two of them can pick up the conversation directly with one another. Then, once they're connected, drop them off the loop.
So, again, an email goes out from a template that's been created and saved in in Google Docs to have it easy for them to make the introduction.
One thing my coaching client said is that because I also made the suggestion that after the process has expired, that is, it's gone as far as it can because sometimes, you know, "I've got an interview" is great feedback to get. Sometimes it's "I've reached out to him a couple of times. Nothing's happened." Just want to give you a heads up, or let you know what the outcome of the introduction was.
He shared with me that he's provided introductions, and no one ever gets back to him to let them know what's happened and annoyed him. So, always make the point of circling back to the person who provides the introduction to let them know what the outcome was.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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