Hiring beginners often has challenges to a manager’s time. Here, I was asked when to stop spoon feeding staff.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career coach. I help you throughout your professional life, whether that's looking for work, hiring people, managing them being effective in the workplace, overall.
Someone messaged me with a scenario and I didn't see it right away because they messaged me in a that I don't check all that often but I responded. We had a quick exchange i thought was funny. But here's the scenario that was posed to me.
"Just brought on a few new hires. Two of them are right out of school and expect to get all the answers spoon fed to them or find all the answers in a book (I think that's a being a little sarcastic, but I continue). I purposely dedicate one hour a day for them to guide them through their activities and responsibilities, giving them advice and such. But as the executive in the company, a small firm, my time is limited. At what point do you let them learn new, let them fail or do things for themselves?"
So, I didn't see this right away. It's probably about a week and a half old. And, I wrote back, "Just saw your message. Start cutting back on the time that you're giving them now." Now the reason I did that is real simple. There's one of two ways you deal with it. He's already at the point that he's starting to get annoyed at the fact that he's giving up a lot of his day, or some amount of his day to these people. And, what's going to happen is, he's going to find excuses for letting people go unless he finds a way of winding down his efforts with them.
So, I recommend that you start doing the wind down now, as well as look at a piece of content I have on YouTube called "The Millennial Whisper," where I interviewed someone who manages and leads millennials. So, by the way, if that's your circumstance, it's a great interview, about 40 minutes in length. Watch it. And you can order the book as well. I'm not making anything from the book. He is.
So, you know, I made the recommendation, now is the time to start winding down. And I get a message back. "Thanks for the feedback. Interesting enough, one was actually fired last week because he was double dipping using his company to do side gigs because he gave him the tools and he found that through being questioned, because Adobe spotted a licensing issue and he missed a couple of deadlines.
But, the long and the short of it is you give people an opportunity to learn from you. But any point where you're starting to feel resentful about giving up the time, you got to wind it down right then and there. It doesn't mean to go from this guy's case of an hour to zero but you let people know, "I've got to wind things down with you, about the amount of time I get you, I'll be available when you need me. But you really know what you need to know here." And you give them some atta boys or atta girls of praise, you do it consistently and affirm them for when they do all the right stuff and correct them, not abuse them, but correct them when they don't. Normally that works. In this case, for all the attention he gave, he hired someone badly. Amazing, isn't it?

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