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Too often, people wait weeks to follow up or even ask if they should follow up. This is what you should do.

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When should I follow up after a final interview? There’s only really one way to know. And that is at the end of the final interview, as they’re escorting you out, or you’re about to complete the Zoom call or phone call to ask this question, “When do you think I’ll hear back about a decision on your part?” And what that’s going to do is they’ll tell you specifically.

They may say, “we’ve got two more people to talk with; we’re still scheduling. They may say, “I expect it will be a day or two.” They may say, “I think in a day or two, we’ll get all our paperwork done to extend an offer to you.” There’s lots of different things if you ask that question.

If you don’t ask the question. Number one is you might follow up with an email after the interview, to whoever it is your contact is within the institution and say, “I forgot to ask at the end of the interview, when I might hear about a decision as to whether you are bringing me on board,” and waiting for a response. Or you can just contact them in three, four days, preferably three, because they should know by that time what their plans are, and then ask the question then.

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But the best way is always to ask at the end of the interview, if it’s in person, when the final handshake occurs, when they’re bringing you to the elevator or pointing toward where the elevators are or how to get to them, or a zoom call, the final thing before before they log off is to say, “just so I’m clear, when do you expect I’ll hear from you about your decision whether or not you’re hiring me.” That makes it very clear because they’re telling you. You’re not guessing.

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