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In this video, I reference an article from Liz Ryan that outlines a number of very specific circumstances where it is OK to leave without giving notice.

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Someone asked the question that translated into, “When is it okay to quit without giving notice?” I remembered an article that Liz Ryan had written in the past that dealt with this subject. Liz is a tremendous resource. The article was released February 17, 2018 on Forbes. It’s a great piece and I want to give a full credit for this because it is a good article.

It starts off answering someone's question and lesson number one is don't give notice unless you know you will get paid for it. So, always make sure that the firm you're working for as a history of paying. Like I know I work with a search firm in the past where I knew that if I walked out the door, I do I was not going to see my money unless I went to the Department of Labor. That was going to take more than a year. So, I collected a commission check and left a little bit of money behind (less than $1000) collected a check for about $25,000 and walked out the door with my things and resigned the following Monday. So, I'll just simply say, never give notice unless you know you will be paid for it.

Then, she goes on to say here at your reasons why you can quit without giving notice. The first one is one is (I've covered this in previous videos) if you feel physically afraid to stay, then get out. Never stay where you feel at risk.

Number two is if you've already seen or heard of employee your company being walked out the door without the ability to work their last two weeks, don't chance it. Tell your boss you're quitting on your last day of work and not a moment before.

Number three. If you going to work for a competitor and you haven't seen any evidence that your company will honor your two-week notice period, don't give them the opportunity to jerk you around. Don't give notice. Just leave.

Number four. If you're you are already in a conflict with your boss and don't want to expose yourself to more abuse at their hands, don't give notice. Ignore the people who tell you it's unprofessional not to give notice. It's unprofessional not to give notice when you work for ethical people. You work for slime balls like at times I have, the professional thing to do was escape at the first opportunity!

Don't give notice if you're hanging on by a thread emotionally and you know that remaining at your job for two more work weeks will cause a breakdown or say things you shouldn't. Great advice. I have seen people decompensate in front of me because they were just under so much stress they needed to escape and after they broke down, then, they left. You don’t have to do that. Just leave.

Don't give notice if you need time to collect yourself and recover before you start your new job. As a recruiter, I’ve work with people who said, “ I need two weeks off before I start the new job. So, I’m going to give two weeks notice and start in two weeks. I am beat two heck” because they were working 90 hour work weeks. This was going to be the first time they were going to see their family. They actually wanted to spend some time with them.

Don't give notice if you feel that your boss will punish you for the crime of wanting to work for someone else. Boy! That is a big one! She writes, “unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Some managers will use your last two weeks to insult you and put you down.”

There was a guy I represented when I worked in recruiting who had been with one of the large oil companies for 30 years. He was making very little like the salary of a junior programmer, having started off as a clerk and worked his way up. He gave notice; it was a big day in his life. He gave notice and you know what they did? They brought him to a small office with a desk and no phone and told him he was being reassigned to that spot with no work to do for two weeks. Tell me, how is that good for him or for the firm.

Don't give notice if you don't want to and the new job is ready for you to start right away. This is a tricky one because, sometimes, what you're doing is just chasing a bright shiny object and the idea of the new job may be stronger than the realities of the new job. I’m not so sure about this one. That's my personal take.

Skip the two week notice if your company is laying people off anyway. That’s a good one because, frankly, in the last recession, the person you gave notice became one of the new job cuts and saved someone else.

So, you don’t have to do it if there our cuts that are taking place and, rather than holding out those two weeks, just walk out the door.

Number 10 is don't give notice if your gut tells you that you would be foolish to give your boss another reason to mistreat you. Don't do it. Just leave.

These are great tips from her. I might quibble about one of them but, overall, it's great advice about specific circumstances under which it makes sense not to give notice.


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103 Responses
  1. Jazz Jones

    I’m having to quit tomorrow because I’m getting away from an abusive relationship. I’m terrified that they’ll hate me for leaving like this. But I have my bus ticket to another state this week.

    1. Jeff Altman

      I am sorry you are going through this. AND, telling them what you are comfortable with saying will cause them to understand and not be angry. “I love my job. Everyone here is terrific. I am not leaving because of anything here. I need in order to escape something at home. So I am moving elsewhere to flee that, not you.”

    2. Jazz Jones

      +Jeff Altman I’ll try to say something like that. It’s got my stomach up in knots. I just can’t stay where I’m at. I can’t sleep because of this and I have my shift starting in less than 6 hours. I’m wondering. Should I go in earlier to talk to my boss or wait till my shift at 1?

    3. Jazz Jones

      @Jeff Altman I’ll try to say something like that. It’s got my stomach up in knots. I just can’t stay where I’m at. I can’t sleep because of this and I have my shift starting in less than 6 hours. I’m wondering. Should I go in earlier to talk to my boss or wait till my shift at 1?

    4. Callahan Jones

      @Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter I’ll try to say something like that. It’s got my stomach up in knots. I just can’t stay where I’m at. I can’t sleep because of this and I have my shift starting in less than 6 hours. I’m wondering. Should I go in earlier to talk to my boss or wait till my shift at 1?

    5. Jeff Altman

      +Jazz Jones One detail. If you work for an organization that has a “mandated reporting requirement” they are required to notify a government organization of any instance of abuse. Be aware and make a decision based upon what you believe is right.

    6. Jeff Altman

      @Jazz Jones One detail. If you work for an organization that has a “mandated reporting requirement” they are required to notify a government organization of any instance of abuse. Be aware and make a decision based upon what you believe is right.

    7. Jeff Altman

      @Callahan Jones One detail. If you work for an organization that has a “mandated reporting requirement” they are required to notify a government organization of any instance of abuse. Be aware and make a decision based upon what you believe is right.

  2. Samantha C

    Hi I work in a very toxic environment, I’ve been at my job for 6 years, the last two years have been Hellish since the department went through a restructure and new management took over . I can’t deal with the office politics anymore, my job has aggravated my anxiety and depression . I will be leaving at the end of next month with no notice as I need that final pay check. I’m glad I found your video .

    1. Jeff Altman

      Samantha, I am sorry you are experiencing what you are. There is always a fine line between “pushing through” or “fighting though something” and “knowing when to fold’em.” You have figureed out yours. Good luck.

  3. Agnostic Moderate Libertarian

    I think that it’s best to do this if you been at the job for a no more than 3 months. At that point you can get away with not putting on your resume.

  4. Sj B

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you SO MUCH for the advice you gave in this video. I am so appreciative of the fact that you were willing to give this information to those of us in need. The reasons are valid and make a lot of sense. I’ve been on edge about the subject for some time now; and your guidance has been really beneficial.

    1. Jeff Altman

      Thank you so much for letting me know I helped you. I don’t make much financially doing YouTube videos. I get rich from comments like yours. Thank you.

    1. Jeff Altman

      @Fran Truck Terrific! If you go to the home page of YouTube channel at JobSearchTV.com, lok for the playlist about starting a new job. It gives ideas for things to do over the first 90 days. AND a thumbs up for the videos is always appreciated!

  5. F. Crazybone

    My biggest concern is that it will look bad on future employment if I don’t give two weeks notice. Will future managers refuse to hire because I didn’t give notice?

    1. F. Crazybone

      @Jeff Altman I am currently awaiting the outcome of the background check for a government job and worried that my last employer will give me a bad reference because I didn’t give two weeks. But I had good reason.

    2. Jason Lawrence

      F. Crazybone Call Allison and Taylor and get a reference check report. If the feedback comes back negative, send off a ceise and desist to your former employer.

  6. Dave A

    There’s no Federal Law that indicates a employee has to give there employer a two week notice. It you choice period.

  7. Dave A

    There’s no Federal Law that indicates a employee has to give there employer a two week notice. It your choice period. There are more laws employers have to know then employees regarding hiring and termination.

  8. Lioslaith

    I was in in one of these situations and quit with no notice. How do I explain that to a prospective employer, or defend myself if my old boss gives me a bad reference? He’s the reason I felt the need to get out quickly…

    1. Jeff Altman

      Speaking with sincerity, slowing your speech down, and start by saying, “This is hard to talk about and . . . ” You end by saying, “If you were in my shoes, would you have done?” That connects them to you.

  9. Andrew James

    I have to leave my job because unethical practices at work put my license on the line. I was feeling bad about not giving a two week notice because it just always seems like the right thing to do. I know that they walked a manager out the door recently. I am not sure if they would give me my last two week check, so I am waiting until I get my next pay deposit before leaving. I have already been hired by another company. I feel a little better after watching this video.

    1. Jeff Altman

      Andrew, almost everyone in the world knows what the right thing to do is. Listen to the voice. Never mute it. Good luck in your new job.

  10. Scott Dee

    Employers are petty , and it will be the the worst 2 weeks of your life. Just find another job and move on. If your employer showed you respect, you wouldn’t be quiting.

  11. alexander arellano

    i just quit today and did not give any notice. when i held my resignation onto my boss, he gets mad about resigning right away. i said, sorry but there is no point for me to stay for few more days and day after tomorrow i have my new job. he yelled at me and told me to get my stuff ( which i am holding) and leave. then i left with a smile.

    1. alexander arellano

      We all have our own reasons to quit on our shitty jobs, on that moment, it was kinda triumph., but, it takes a lot of nerves.

    2. zoey starlight

      @alexander arellano I’m too much of a wimp to tell my boss to her face. She is very intimidating and verbally and mentally abusive. I’m going to lie to her via text and tell her that there was a family emergency. I already have a job lined up. I still feel guilty leaving without notice because the place is so busy and understaffed and everyone there is so unhappy and drained. It would be ideal to give them notice to replace me but I honestly can’t take it anymore.

  12. veggiesforlife

    Was having health issues, being mediocre after burning myself out chasing the carrot. Was the doormat previously working weird hours and going the extra mile. They would find fault and guilt me to get me to do it to secure my job. Only woman out of about… 30 women with no kids/grandkids… So i was free you know? Them they started to sqeeeze me. Pick pick pick…. Death in the fam, mom got cancer, had a major surgery, anxiety abusive relationship… Got called in for mishearing a call so the call got word but no major problems arose from this… But they grilled…
    Them:Why do you do x? Me: Because… Y.
    Them: sounds like you’re making excuses.
    Me: But you just asked why. Them…Why is everything so difficult with you???

    It went for hours… Listening to recordings telling me ppl don’t like me (false…) I’ve had ppl tell me sorry i was their current target. Two older lady bosses hating younger single female who doesn’t make casseroles. Anyway….
    I said at one point. I’m having a panic attack. I need to step away. That meeting went 3.5 hrs. I left an hour late… I never went back. I tried… Just pulled into a spot. Sat there… And then pulled back out and went home. This is a big hospital too. Another incident happened earlier where i was called a b for asking a co-worker to lower their voice who was ranting about a broken computer while i took all the calls. … They’d gotten 2 others statements from everyone but not mine. They lied and said i said to ” shit their mouth.” so that just months before this…

    Do you think I’ll ever get a job in my town again? It was all so weird. They called… Just the one mean supervisor… No HR ppl… And then months later i got a letter saying I’d be considered having voluntarily terminated my employment or basically I’m quitting if i don’t answer. What can their HR say about me when the company is listed as a reference. I have good references from my immediate leads. Both supervisors retired or long term medical leave. There was a hiring freeze after i left and like 4 other ppl quit when i did. I think it was a huge deal but it all was weird and creepy and quiet… Like work version of child molestation
    But like simpleton abuse. I was very pie eyed and gung ho at the beginning of the 5 yrs. I dunno…. Is this a “thing” ? I can’t ever quite understand it all. Oh…. Way at the beginning i was a scapegoat for a mistake that was made due to unupdated protocol that the morning after the mix up was all changed. I didn’t know about print screen back then. Sadly. That while thing took me a year to see clearly. They gaslit me. Oh man. My life. Lol. I keep on keepin! on though!

  13. Mae Alison

    Hi Jeff, i already submit my resignation letter in 3 months notice. I already landed a new job and they require me to report for work before my notice period ended. Please advise what should i do? Knowing my current boss for 4 years now, she will not willing to negotiate to shorten my notice period and if let say, i inform her on my decision to leave early, she will made me to pay compensation. What should i do? Should i just walked out? In my current company i always feel that the environment is toxic. I always feel worthless, underappreciate and always has an anxiety before coming for work. In the office we always anxious on how is the boss mood today. Whether it is good or bad. If the mood is bad, it will definitely affect the whole working atmosphere and that is not the working environment i want to work for long period of time. Pleaseee, i need help!!

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Jeff only responds to inquiries like this through one of the links in his show notes.

  14. Nikki Wynter

    yes my boss was extremely petty that is why I also gave no notice i ghosted them I knew he’d insult and try to put me down even more and try to make me even more miserable there. He was sexual towards us young women and a bully to everyone HR did nothing. Someone reported him his first week and he still continued in the position they switched him from intermittent to manager. Lord help that company God forsaken place.

  15. der

    I ghosted a job after i had a breakdown one night. I just stopped going after that. But now i have a decent job. I’ve only been there a few months but they already are giving me more responsibilities. They trust me. But I’m just not happy. I have a new job lined up already and it has me excited. I feel bad but i want to give only a couple days notice. The job is mentally exhausting due to the patrons getting very verbal with us and the office being…tense. But my bosses are great oddly enough. I just feel anxious cause im giving like 3 days notice and felt like ranting a bit. Lol

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      That’s great! And you’ll tell your bosses when you leave they were great and it is just the work. Good for you!


    I never gave notice because i knew my job that I’m at now would take me back, but i waited to fill out paperwork and my w4’s. Leaving is a lot better then giving notice it saves a lot of time being wasted. The job I was at was horrible, the job I’m at now is peaceful and i love going to work everyday now vs being afraid of losing my job.

    1. Tara Rosecrans

      @Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter my area is bleak here, I’ve been applying…. would require a move. I live in southern Oregon/Medford.

    2. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      @Tara Rosecrans Sorry to hear that. Small towns like yours and mine have employer communities where they share their heartache about employees

  17. Jeff Fredriksz

    Hmmmm…perhaps I’m a bit out of touch or late to the game but loyalty seems to be a one way street when it comes to employers. They expect an employee to remain loyal despite the difficult and awkward work environment when there’s friction between employee and manager. They realize they’re holding the ace card which forces an employee to swallow their pride and compose formal resignation letters. They’re well aware that if you’re looking for another job, that new company manager will likely contact them thus leaving that person in a position where they don’t want to burn any bridges behind them. But when they’ve decided to let you go, no formal grace period, no real formalities and never any sense of loyalty or obligation. They’ll just simply fire you and demand an immediate departure. This of course usually comes at the end of the business day, no two week notice, no best wishes, no kind regards and well, no sense of loyalty.

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Employers can be awful and in referencing Liz Ryan’s article, I thought her ideas were extremely good. AND there is a way to talk about toxic environments.

  18. The Search For Truth

    Most jobs I’ve had required me to sign documents acknowledging the fact that I’m an employee at will. Per their policy that they forced me to agree to as a condition of employment, 2 weeks’ notice is not required. They never give two weeks’ notice when you get fired if you make a mistake or misbehave. If they make misbehave, I’m supposed to give two weeks’ notice?

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      People in power make the rules, guidelines, etc.. They create them to their advantage. What you wrote is true. They want two weeks notice (or more) but they don’t always provide their employees with notice if they terminate, layoff, RIF, excess, whatever term you choose an employee.

  19. Ben Franklin

    Several years ago I resigned as a Division Manager for one company to take a position as an Engineering Director at the company’s primary competitor. It is common for management staff with access to all proposal and pricing data to be asked to leave immediately after giving two weeks notice if going to a competitor. As such I found an easy way out and gave two weeks notice while we were at a conference with senior management out of state..and I was going on vacation to Florida for two weeks following. I resigned and told them I would be back in two weeks to clean out my office. I did it in person..after my commitments representing the company were complete.. I figured they wouldn’t have to walk me out. Guess what?? To this day they tell people I resigned inappropriately and did not give proper notice. I can use no one there as a reference. A buddy there disagreed with this treatment (small town) and asked the VP if I did resign back at the office and give two weeks would they honor it….they said of course not…I would have been walked out immediately. He pressed the on it because I kind of got a bad name in town for it and they said that “they expect proper notice of all employees whether the company honors the two week or not”…how the hell is that fair?? Seems a little one sided to me and I always wonder if I should have done it the traditional way and allowed them to perp walk me out? I just don’t think that is equitable at all.

  20. chong jocy

    i quit my restaurant job without notice, because its disrupting my mental health and coworkers sucks there’s no teamwork, there’s no growth

    1. chong jocy

      @Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter I’m really sad to leave because I sincerely love my job and gave 100% in everything I do…..the customers are the best to me too.

    2. C0RRVPT3D

      I currently work at a restaurant and this time I’m 100% sure I want to quit it’s too much for me to handle and the pay sucks

  21. zoey starlight

    Jeff, I”m so beyond drained and exhausted. I have left work in tears so many times. I even had to leave in the middle of the day because one of the doctors I work with was just so harsh with me. that I cried uncontrollably, couldn’t stop so I had no choice but to go home. And I heard that after I left crying both the dr who made me cry and my manager were laughing about how upset I had gotten. Most of my coworkers abuse me and degrade me every day. I have been bullied beyond belief.. I’ve finally found a new job that starts in 3 weeks. I was going to give 2 weeks and give myself 1 week to relax and decompress before I start the new one but NOW even though I’m happy about this new job, I”m just so exhausted and feel the need for more than 1 week to just do nothing. Is it ok to lie and say that I had a family emergency and I can’t come back or is that just wimpy? I don’t have the courage to tell them to go suck an egg. I feel guilty leaving without notice even though they have zero respect or appreciation for me. I don’t want to be vindictive. I’m just so emotionally broken and exhausted from that place.

    Oh…so my fear is that I will no longer be able to list them on my resume. I really did learn a great deal there and I’ve only been there for about 6 months but my God is it toxic.

  22. Matthew B

    I gave notice to one of my employers, worked almost the whole notice out (about 3 days before the end) and then was taken off the schedule. I stopped showing up because I wasn’t communicated to come in and was mark as non rehire able with that company. Note the store manager as soon as I put in my notice stopped talking to me and called me childish for doing so (hearing this from a co worker).

  23. Trending Source

    I also didn’t put a two weeks notice and just didn’t show up, but I still didn’t get paid my first ever week and last week. Any thoughts?

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Contact HR and ask (not demand) your money. I don’t want to contact the government agency that protects my rights here but I will. I want payment of what I am owed.”

    2. Trending Source

      @Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter thank you! The message worked! The boss said that I will get paid next Friday, probably because it is Good Friday.

    3. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Glad I helped. Please follow me on LinkedIn.com/in/TheBigGame Hunter. I hope you would be willing to write a recommendation for me. If not, you still have access to my network

  24. Skateboard P

    I needed this after leaving a job today. I’m usually very ethical and professional, but this job wasn’t treating a new person right.

  25. tron3entertainment

    Have seen a bunch of people leave my job recently and none of them stayed to the original stated last day. But they were all contract workers. Bunch of people terminated, too.

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Contract is different. Their contract may allow one side or the other to leave quickly For employees, it is usually different.

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Thanks for commenting.
      Remember, there are references where companies talk to one another. There are circumstances that I outline in the video where it is appropriate AND others where it isn’t.

  26. c

    I quit and my boss said he would pay me for my two week notice but I did not have to go to work. Should I trust this

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      You apparently have reason to distrust s/he. Ask them if they would send that statement to you as an email .

    2. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      @c “A text” or text, like an email? In a text, just to be safe since accidents are more likely with a text, ask for an email confirming the text.

    1. Nedzad I

      @Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter Absolutely not. Everyone was saying basically two weeks notice no matter what, except you. I was thinking to start new job while on vacation with the old. If everything looks good, after vacation, i would work couple hours remotely on old job and quit immediately after that. Thank you

    2. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      @Nedzad I  know you know I was being playful with my remark. Two weeks is courtesy AND there are exceptions even though they may not extend it to employees when it suits them. Go to your new job and * BE GREAT!*

  27. Help I'm Fat

    I quit my job at McDonald’s a few days ago because of bad management and they didn’t actually train me for my actual job that I was hired for (cashier) and they just put me by the fryers for a week and a half for busywork and it was awful. I kept telling them I was not comfortable with it but they just kept saying it’s just temporary. I just turned 18 but I was not okay with being near hot oil and I kept burning myself and I had nine hour shifts. I just quit that last day because I had enough I burnt myself and I was soooo tired. I went home and literally fell asleep for like 11 hours lol.

  28. Sandra M

    I’ve been struggling with loyalty and the immensely important, large work load I will be leaving behind with no one else in the company able to do my job. I also fear they may smear my reputation in the community.
    -Feel physically unsafe. YES!
    -Conflict. YES!
    -Hanging on by a thread emotionally (and it’s causing me illness). YES! & YES!
    -Need to recover before starting something new. YES!
    -It would be foolish to give my boss the ability to continue allowing another employee to scream, throw temper tantrums on me, physically threaten me by lunging as if they’re going to hit me and call me names in front of others, even customers. YES!
    **Oh, and I’m HR!

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      You know what my thinking is. I know you want to leave. My encouragement is get another job and leave. Do not pass go. Do not collect . . .

    2. Sandra M

      @Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter Thank you. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m already lining up some new things. I can’t step foot in that workplace again except to gather me personal belongings and hand them my keys.

    3. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      @Sandra M And I have a lot more videos that will help you job hunt. You can find them at JobSearchTV.com

  29. Davey Jones

    Do what’s best for you. I was hired by a local “restaurant”, and… after 3 weeks on the job I received a call from an employer that I had sent a resume to weeks before, asking if I could sign on in 3 days (Monday). Needless to say I couldn’t pass the opportunity up so I texted my boss “there is no need to keep me on the payroll as of today blah blah blah…” leaving my position was 100% easy. Walking into work to get my last check from the former boss was crappy.

  30. M S

    I’m a nurse. I gave my 2 week notice last Thursday. I don’t think I can make it the 2 weeks, but I actually gave the notice. I do have another job lined up. I currently work in a toxic environment. We’ve lost 5 nurses in the last month and we’re only a unit of 15. My unit has very high turnover and my manager is a tyrant, plain and simple. My question is, because I feel so emotionally drained and upset all the time, should I even fulfill the 2 weeks? My only hesitation in not fulfilling the 2 weeks is that I’ll be placed on the “do not rehire” list. And then I have to think to myself, would I even want to go back to this hospital ever again? Probably not, but I never know. Thank you in advance for any advice.

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      What you describe as the do not rehire list is the risk. The person who is making it toxic will change jobs and you won’t be able to be rehired. Try to stick it out. Really. There are only a finite number of hospitals available in an area. Today, you may say, “I’ll never work at a hospital again.” Tomorrow, you may think differently.

  31. Angela Pacheco

    How about if my boss literally told me, “don’t claim your (dead) sister’s corpse. Just call the morgue tell them you can’t afford a funeral and let the government pay for it”. She left such a terrible impression on me after this. I don’t want to bother to give a 2 weeks notice.

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      If this is a manager, I go to HR and file a complaint against this person and tell them, the only reason I am not going to the media is we are going to end on a good footing. I am going to bury my sister properly and grieve, using my compensatory time for the remainder of my notice. If you work for a business owner, tell me and I’ll give you that one

  32. Smail Mail

    Thank you! I have never experienced more depression than in my current workplace. I have had a few mental breakdowns in front of my wife and she has helped me through them. Never in our 10 years together have I had to put her through this. I am going to leave my job with notice the day of.

  33. Melanie R

    I’m going to quit today. I don’t think I can handle two more weeks. I’m at a point where I am considering suicide as the best way out. I just can’t handle it anymore. I have t eaten in days. I can’t sleep.

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      I hear you. You matter. This is what this video is for–people like you. Never harm yourself. You’re important

  34. Kelly Mulholland

    Thank you so much for this. My current boss has a horrible, horrible temper. I get yelled at cussed at constantly. Get told all the time “if you’re not going to do your job, I’ll find someone that can”. Last week, he got so mad that he threw his personal cell phone at my desk and broke it. He then had me drive 100 one way the next day to get a new phone. That’s the short story of it. I was such a wreck in Verizon that the manager actually came over to me and offered me a job. I love my co workers, and that’s the only reason I have not walked out, because I know it is going to make their lives even worse. But the thought of giving notice makes me literally scared for my well-being

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Never tolerate physical or psychological abuse. If your company has an HR department, meet with them. Say to them, “On the advice of counsel, I am notifying you that if I am physically harmed by ________ we are prepared to file suit. I have been documenting his/her behavior and what they are doing is abusive. You are warned. ” Start documenting writing down what occurred. Go back in time. Write it all down by hand in different ink. Do not write it on their computers.”

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