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Probably but not necessarily. Let me explain what can happen.

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i'm jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in a number of different ways
job search hiring more effectively managing and leading
workplace related issues executive coaching
many different things when a potential employer
calls your references does that mean you're likely to get hired
now the short answer is yes because they're not
checking references for the heck of it unless
this is one of those firms that does it before they start interviewing or early
in the interview process. Assuming you've been on a number of
interviews up until this point the likelihood is you're getting hired
But don't take anything for granted.. Here's why. Number one is we don't know
the salary yet, right and if you do know the salary okay
you're further along in the process.. Number two is they may hear something
that doesn't sound good to them. i know you think your references are all
going to say the right thing and sometimes they misspeak because
they're distracted, have other problems going on in their
life and they're not quite as enthusiastic
And the third thing frankly is every once in a while there's a hiring freeze
that comes in last minute so is it probable that you're on
the road to getting hired you bet it is but there are things that can
occur during the reference check time
that can get in the way of you getting hired remember
the person who's checking the reference may or may not be an internal employee
of the firm. They may or may not be motivated. It's your A+ priority
for them it's one of probably 50 or 60 references they've got to check
They're going to leave messages because very few people take direct calls these
days for fear of robocalls. So someone has to get back to them at a
time they can hear. It drags out and things sometimes get in
the way. So i answered your question but i've
also warned you about some of the things that
can occur that can interfere because there are no guarantees until
you get the offer letter in your hand and the okay to give
notice i'm jeff altman hope you found this helpful
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Have a great day and be great


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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  1. Mohammad Knio

    hello everyone, I really need your help
    I have made 3 interviews the last one was with the president and the chancellor of the university, after 3 days they asked me about character reference via email for employment verifications and as required Ive sent them 2 referees name the problem is until now, 6 days has been passed and they didnt contact them at all however they were asking by email via immediate response but they didnt contact my 2 referees so ANY IDEA WHY PLEASE?

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