What's the Purpose of Your Resume?

What’s the Purpose of Your Resume?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

LinkedIn wrote, “Before you start evaluating your resume, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with it. What kind of job are you applying for? What are the main requirements and qualifications for that position? What are your unique strengths and values that you can offer to the employer? Your resume should be tailored to your specific purpose and target audience, and highlight your relevant skills, accomplishments, and keywords. A generic or vague resume will not impress anyone and will likely end up in the trash.”

I commented, “Your resumes should be designed with an eye toward being “asked out on a date” (get an interview). You should have a keyword-rich basic resume that outlines almost everything (forget your trivial work) designed for job sites and other mass locations and then a targeted resume focused on the specific role that you are submitting it for. If you are applying through an ATS, the software is pattern recognition–it wants to see the same terms in the resume as in the job description early in the document. Do not make the reader or the software have to think in order to see how you might fit. Make it obvious or you risk your resume being rejected AND IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT, not the system’s.”

Naming Your Resume File


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