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What can I expect on a second interview? It’s pretty easy.

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What usually happens on second interviews? Well, that’s a pretty good question. And let me kind of walk through what’s happened up until this point and what’s going to happen next.

The first interview will generally be with a screener. It could be done by phone; it could be done by video; it could be done in person. What they’re there to do is to confirm withou,t going into a lot of detail, that you believe you have the right background for the position. So often, they’ll they’ll ask questions like, “Have you done this?” Or “Have you done that?” Basically, they’re checking off boxes with experience and then asking you to go into more detail.

“Tell me about that in more detail, please?”

“Walk me through what you did along those lines?” But they don’t have the depth of knowledge to really know whether you did.

A second interview is going to generally be with one of two types of people. It could be the manager you’d be working for who’s certainly going to dig in deeper, or it could be a staff person, like you might be. Maybe a more senior person than you might be, who’s going to go into your background in greater detail.

They know the material; they know what’s being looked for and thus, they want to dig in deeper to see if you have the depth of experience, and the manner where they can trust you before referring you to their manager.

The manager, again, will generally go in deeper with your background just like the staff person, but you’re working for them. They want to know that they can trust you. Remember, when firms hire, competence is only one thing they look for. Self confidence, character, chemistry, charisma, that you care, and that they can also connect with you.

So the second interview is going to be more of a probing about what you know related to this job so that this way, they can move things ahead.

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