The best answer is not always a management reference. Let me explain.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways and someone wants to know what professional contact
makes the best reference now the first one is good my first answer is gonna
sound as though I'm being flip which I'm not and the answer is the type of
reference the firm wants for me some people will want pure level references
some people one client references some people want natural responses so that's
answer number one so if someone asks you for references
what kind of references would you like you like appeal or marriage or client
give me a sense of the kind of reference you'd like so that becomes the answer
number one answer number two is from your standpoint you want someone who
will speak passionately an advocate for how good you are so the one who
basically gives a reference that sounds a little more than name rank and serial
number yeah he worked for me yes she did a good
job no complaints you know that's a bland reference but the one who will
advocate for you and say you know I hated losing her when she left me six
months ago she was really strong and we just couldn't keep her interest it was
innate for the environment though but clearly she's got a huge amount seeing
I'm illustrating there a person who's a passionate advocate for you and the firm
hiring you is the ideal one whether it's a manager a peer or a user or client
someone along those lines these are the best references because they get the
employer excited about hiring you. I'm Jeff Alton hope you found this
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day and be great


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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