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What Should I Ask You That Will Make Me Want to Hire You?

EP 2139 As discussed by Angela Duckworth and Stephen Dubner in the podcast, No Stupid Questions, this is an interview question that might be asked of senior leadership on a final interview that I believe you should be prepared for. As is often the case, the question is not as difficult as it first seems.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in many different ways and here i'm back with another one of
those tough interview questions that's likely to be asked at a
final interview of someone at a senior level being
interviewed by their future boss, the board, you know
people along those lines. Now, it comes from a podcast that's
hosted by Stephen Dubner and. Angela Duckworth. Duckworth is best known
for the concept of grit as being a quality
that firms need to evaluate for and the show talks about
questions. And here they think that this is a great
interview question.. The question as it's
languaged on the show is, "Tell me the question I should ask you
that's going to make me want to hire you." Now,
it's the reverse question to the classic, "Why should I hire you" question, right?
But, it's framed as though you're the interviewer so it's designed to fry
your circuits. Now, on the podcast, they call attention to the time that
Duckworth heard this with a firm that she was
doing work for and the answer that someone provided was
"Will you eat,, breathe drink, and sleep your work?"
Now, Dubner and Duckworth weren't really impressed by
the question that was offered but the person got hired
I can explain that from the standpoint of what's the culture in the
organization you're stepping into? If this is one of the workaholic
environments, the hard-charging, hard demanding kind of culture,
you have to give them a question along those lines.
But, most organizations, unless you're a a startup like this firm
is instead tend to look at
What do you attribute your success to?. Thus,
you're able to talk about the people that you
choose and how you work with them to keep them inspired so that they do
great work. So the question, in that case, might be
how do you find the people? How do you choose the people that are
going to be the leaders in your organization? How do
you find the people that help you be successful
in your role? A question along those lines
becomes much more of a revealing question
in that kind of culture. So again, if you're in a leadership role,
you're being interviewed at a final interview, this is a question you need to
start being prepared for because it's the flip question to "why
should we hire you," and it reveals something about yourself.
In that first example from the podcast, it reveals something about the
drive and demand of that person, in other cultures,
you want a different kind of question hope. Hope You found this helpful. I'm Jeff
Altman . My website is TheBigGameHunter.us.
Go there and go exploring. There's just a lot there to help you.
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Hope you have a terrific day and be great! Take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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What Should I Ask You That Will Make Me Want to Hire You? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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