What Recruiters Know That You Don’t: They’re Stalling for Their Client

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Sometimes, if you pay attention instead of being so trusting, you’ll recognize them stalling for their client.

What Recruiters Know That You Don’t: They Love People Who Stand Out

What recruiters know that you often don’t is when they’re stalling for time, because the client is basically being noncommittal. The client has several more people in the loop. They haven’t rejected you yet. But how excited would you feel if the recruiter said to you, ‘they’ve got eight more people to talk to.? We expect they’ll be back in touch in about 10 days. ‘Probably not an ideal response, but it will be the truth.

You’re normally not going to hear the truth. What you’re going to hear is ‘I haven’t been able to reach them.’ That’s going to be the initial response. They quickly got on the phone or quickly sent a text and said, ‘No decision yet.’ You know, keep them warm, and they’ll come up with some sort of excuse.

I’ll simply say they know when they’re stalling. Recognize a stall. Anything that delays more than once. They’re stalling.

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