This is one of the most important things to figure out whether you are an employer a job hunter a business owner or just living your life.

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The title of this video is, "What motivates you."  Whether you are a job hunter, a business owner, an employee or just living life in general, there are things you need to look at in terms of what is effective for you in getting yourself to do your best.

If you are a job hunter and considering this question, it's really a question for you to ask the potential employer.  That is, how do you like to motivate?  What gets your team working at its best?  What do you do if someone, shall we say, goes into a funk where there were just isn't top-notch right now?

If you are a business owner and are looking at this question, think in terms of what makes you alive?  What really excites you and the work that you are doing in the business you are running?  What do your customers really get excited about as they start to think of you and your business?

Motivation isn't about "inspirational speaking."  It's really about internal controls that you have within yourself and the challenges that you face that interfere with you being at your best.

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, there are times where life gets in the way… Life is messy!  How do you wind up dealing with the messes? 

For example, you are in a situation where you lost a sale that is really very painful to you because you're really counting on that one.  Do you go into "the three-week funk" or is is there a way that you motivate yourself to pull yourself out of it.

If you are hiring someone, are you someone who will cheer-lead or threaten?  If you are a job hunter and you're interviewing with people, as I said, you want to ask them about this by asking, "Some managers have the idea of motivating staff that seem quite insane.  Working 60 hours a week or 24 x 7… It doesn't work."

For you, think about what really motivates you to be at your best, evaluated, assess it. If you are in business. Use it to be at your best.  If you are job hunting Explorer with your future manager what their techniques are.


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