What is The Best Way to Avoid Spam from Job Boards?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
What is the best way to avoid spam while searching for a job on sites like Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.?

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I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways and I’m back today with the answer to a question I
Recruiterreceived from someone a couple of weeks ago.

“What’s the best way to avoid spam while searching for job on sites like Monster, Indeed, Linkedin etc. I’m going to
start off with Monster, indeed and those types of sites first of all saying the only way you can avoid spam from
sites like that (and I don’t know how you define spam) I’ll just simply say if you’re on a job board, you’re looking for
a job. If you have a resume on a job board, recruiters think you’re looking for a job.

Now with that being the case, understand, recruiters often are purchasing technology that lets them search that
job board and multiple job boards concurrently and then mass email. I won’t mention the product names. They are
irrelevant. I’m not here to endorse them or criticize them. I’m just here to say this is what they’re doing
with those sites in order to get access to work-saving techniques. As a result, they are spamming.

The only way to avoid it on sites like Monster, Indeed and others is by not having a resume there and being
someone who searches. That causes you to miss out on opportunities you might otherwise be able to present to you
because not all jobs that a recruiter is trying to fill go up on that job board. Every job cost them money.
Every job slot that they have costs them money. The result winds up being, often, when they are using services
like this, they are searching, rather than just posting. If they can’t find your resume, you’ll miss those jobs.
That’s the problem with that.

Resumes When You Have Little or No Experience

Absolutely impossible. Why? Because your profile is the equivalent of a resume and LinkedIn is selling a product
called LinkedIn Recruiter to recruiting. Recruiters are told that the best candidate is the passive job hunter and
passive job hunters aren’t actively looking but if the right opportunity materializes, lo and behold, you’ll
suddenly be open to something else. So they sell LinkedIn Recruiter for a lot of money in order to get 100 inMails a
month plus the ability to search the entire database and those 100 inMails
can be restocked if you respond.

Thus, on LinkedIn, you really can’t unless you eliminate all your information underneath each company and,
thus, there are no keywords there. The problem with that is the person who gets ahead isn’t always the smartest
or work the hardest, although those are great qualities to have. People get ahead by being alert to opportunites.
Sometimes, those are internal. Most of the time they are external. Thus, you’ll never hear about anything.

So, can you avoid it? On job boards, the traditional job boards, by not having your resume there.
On LinkedIn, by having no content in your profile But those both have severe pain points associated with them.

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