What Do You Want to Be Known For? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter encourages you to figure out what you want to be known for professionally and start building your brand.

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What Do You Want to Be Known For? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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this is nobody at job search advice
radio episode
2259 i'm jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
and welcome
oh the day the clocks change
yesterday oh i wake up i'm thinking it's
later than it is
and it's earlier than i thought it was
and it's kind of shocking to remember
that clocks do change is i'm just one of
those people who forgets
now today's show is one where i talk
with you about what you want to be known
for and this is not specifically a job
change show for today but it's about
your career and laying a foundation for
your career that will serve you through
its balance and i don't care how old you
are this is a show that benefits you i
hope you find this helpful and give an
honest review wherever you listen to the
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when you see
of an apple
what company do you think of
when you buy a box of detergent
have you ever looked at the list of
ingredients to determine whether which
group of chemicals is actually going to
make your wash whiter
i doubt it
we're all influenced by brands
and when i'm going to speak to you about
branding branding isn't going to be
about this job search but it's going to
be about the rest of your career both in
terms of how you're seeing it work and
how you're going to be seen at the job
market because
for you to develop a brand now is going
to be
you know it's just not going to be
effective because you won't have time to
created a space in people's minds to
accept it
but it is so important for you while
you're in this job search to begin the
process of branding to identify for
yourself what you want to be known for
what you want to do
to help others or influence others and
how you want to be perceived as a
so for example you know i use the you
know the phrase the big game hunter and
it creates an impression in your mind
about me as a recruiter and i'm sure
there are other people who've developed
comparable things i also have a tagline
that says helping the world find work
helping companies hire talent
that basically defines what i do
because whether it's in my work as a
headhunter or in
my podcast my videos all the other
things that's what i'm trying to do help
the world find work help companies hire
what can you be known for and what do
you want to be known for what matters to
your audience and what can you be doing
to communicate with them this is not a
one minute conversation you have with
yourself this is something to spend time
with and start thinking about in a very
serious way because otherwise you're
just another
you know
you know stalk of corn out in the field
waiting to be
seen notice plucked and you know the
most people all that corn kind of looks
but if you can do something to stand out
from the pack you have gone a long way
to influencing how your career is shaped
so that's today's show i hope you found
it helpful and if you did here are a few
things i can do to help you with your
job search beyond simply being your
first of all i've got a new book out
called the right answers to tough
interview questions it is like a
cookbook with answers to
tons of interview questions that you're
going to be asked on interviews
and if you pair it up with my other new
book the ultimate job interview
framework they are a
terrific pair of books to help you with
in addition to a new service where you
can practice mock interviews if you go
to the big game hunter
dot u s
forward slash mock
i've got a service there very
inexpensive like 99
we have mock interviews set up i'm going
to be adding more to it very soon but
you can record your answers to them and
then i can critique them and help you
perform better on them
you probably have noticed my show notes
are pretty thorough with
products and services that can help you
with your search
and connect with me on linkedin at
linkedin.com forward slash i n forward
slash the big game hunter lastly my
website has a ton of great information
that's the big game hunter dot us now if
you're not ready to go there and go
through the blog
put the address in your phone the big
game hunter dot us jeff altman so this
way when you're ready to go you have a
way of getting back to my website
hope you have a terrific day and most
be great

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