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Ep 595 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter encourages you to pay attention to the warning clouds and prepare for your search. He uses a metaphor to explain how to do it.

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I want to talk to you senior professionals who have just been laid off, or think your job is in trouble.  You know the signals.  I'm not going to go through them all but you know there are problems that your firm or, politically, there is been someone partying over you who doesn't really know you and you know the signal and don't ignore it.

Rather than this being exercise and why you should change jobs, I want to go to the next step.  That is, preparing for the search.  Over the course of time, most execs I talk to have had a lot of branches on the tree and a lot of leaves on the branches.  Invariably, what happens is the leaves start to wither and die; same with the branches.  They are left with the trunk.

For you, I want to encourage you to take some time to figure out what the trunk of your tree is.  What the core element is of what you do, want to do and what your successes have been so that as you start to lay out a marketing campaign for yourself and your capabilities, you can focus in on those as your primary objective in some of the branches and maybe a leaf or 2.  As some of the ancillaries.

As you know from your own experience when hiring, you want to hire exceptional people.  You don't want hire someone else's failure.  By being able to focus in on what you excel at and marketing your capabilities for that, you will go a long way toward finding work fasterBut it starts with recognizing the signals and making the preparation for that time.

By the way, looking at what the trunk of the tree is, that can include your financials, too. As you start getting the signals of problems, you know what deals have been negotiated previously with the firm and you want to get something comparable or better.  You k now what your financials are like and you know it will take you a while to land something.  Start getting down to the trunk of the tree for your financials. Look to cut off some of the extraneous dead branches Or some of the unnecessary dead branches so you can focus on the core.

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