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EP 1653 People who want to switch from being a consultant or contractor to a full-time position experience challenges they need to address.

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So, you are a consultant or a long-term temp, a contractor you are trying to switch to full time work on the staff of the firm rather than going as a no man from place to place. How do you approach that? What sort of challenges do you face?

Let me speak to a few of them. There are many many more. I want to talk with you about a few major ones.

The 1st thing is on your resume. Often, your assignments a relatively short-term-- a few months here, a few months there. Your 1st contact with an organization may not be a direct one. That means that you are not to be introduced to a hiring manager. You may apply to something through an applicant tracking system (by the way, never EVER apply for job through an applicant tracking system. I felt with that in other videos. If you crazy enough to do it,G-d bless you). You will need to address how the resumes will be looked at by the applicant tracking system, which is make you look like a job hopper to it.

The easiest way to address that is by having a category above all your consulting assignments that says, "CONSULTANT," flush left and then flush right has your aggregated date for all your assignments.. They should be in a larger font than the rest of the resume. Let's say this is, "CONSULTANT" followed by, "May, 2010 to present." What you're doing is demonstrating to them that what they will be seeing during that time are all consulting assignments, rather than you got bounced from place to place. The system will pick up on that and the other dates will be problematic because they are going to see the 1st date and that's would be the 1 of the attached to as the system parses the resume.

Again, aggregated lawyer consulting work into one category that says, "CONSULTANT," so that you are not bound stepping systems or busy HR person who reads resume or busy hiring manager who reads resume and goes, "This person is have a lot of jobs!" If you don't think they do that, you are mistaken. That's 1 Simple Way to get around.

Next, this is a more complicated one and there is no simple answer to it. This issue is the one that... You are often brought as a consultant to be a doer, rather than being someone who manages people who do. I'm you pick a number for the sake of simplicity. Let's say, you are a $70 per hour person. That translates into about $140,000 per year. By that time in an institution, they expect that you have managed people, resources, and have done some budgeting work. That's generally not the kind of work that you are doing. You are doing staff related work. You need to learn to be a little flexible about compensation. After all, there pay the lion share of the benefits, you are getting paid vacation, you are not likely to get $140,000 per year. You're more likely to get $115,000 per year to $120,000 per year.

I know. I know. I know. Firms are going to try to chop you down into price range based upon the work that you do. You need to start looking at the value of those benefits that you are already paying for like to vacation. At $70 per hour, $140,000 per year, let's say that is $2700 per week in paid money that you are getting. 2 weeks vacation is a nice lump in there.. Plus the value of their part of paying for part or all of the benefits and your sick time. Suddenly those numbers end up in terms of value at the rate of $2700 per week. They start looking at those numbers and you have to start recognizing those numbers as well.

Learn what your baseline is in terms of compensation. If you say it is $135,000 a year, be prepared for longer job search. It is okay. You are entitled to make those choices just like they are. You'll need to be prepared for longer job search for look for that company that pays highly for talent. That's okay or pays more for "doer level talent." It's okay. It may take you longer and that is the way it goes.

Lastly, and this is another big one, this 1 is only done in person or at the time of the phone interview. I'm reminded of this because I have a friend who is looking to move from a role where he has been the chef for a number of years to a role work you be running an organization for a farm. Without getting into details, it is a job that makes sense for him. The question invariably comes up, "why would you want to do this?"

For you who is been a consultant, "Are you sure you are become staff person instead of staying a consultant? Why?" That's the big question that, even if they don't ask, they are going to ask. There could ask themselves, maybe not you.

If they ask you, you need to drop your voice and slow your speech. Remember, interviewing involves acting. This is not the "spelling bee" part of the interview (the spelling bee part of the interview is where they ask you a question and you just crank out the answer instantly and show how smart you are). This is the emotional intelligence part of the interview where they ask you, "So, what you really want to do this? Why would you want to stop being a consultant (and make all that money) and come on to full-time staff?"

"Well, the fact is, it is time for me to settle down. I have a family. I have responsibilities. I decided to joining an organization where I can put down roots and become a contributor to that firm makes a lot more sense for me than being a contractor. " You have to look at them in the eye as you say that. You can't speak quickly or nervously. You can't speak in a way that suggests that you are being insincere." It's not as believable as when you slow down and sound sincere.

Recognize the difference in your cadence. Not your normal speaking voice. Slow down. Answer the question directly.

Consultants changed to full-time work time. These are a few of the issues that you will run into. I hope you have found this helpful.

Have a great day.


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