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EP 1561 I discuss two second interview tricks that will help you bond with people you meet with.

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I have two tricks for 2nd interviews that I think will help you stand out from other people and help build connections on the interview. On previous shows, I spoke about how important is to appear congruent with what you set your 1st interview. That is, if you talked about something at your 1st interview, you want to be consistent with what you say about it at the 2nd interview, right? Otherwise, it makes them scratch their heads and wonder, "Okay. Are they being truthful?"

Here's a little trick. You always want them thinking as though you are part of the team. You always want them thinking that you are 1 of the folks.

Let's say, you're coming back to interview and meeting with someone, you've already spoken with. Maybe was a phone interview. Maybe they were part of the set up before the next group of people. As you speak with them this time, here is what you say, "I was thinking about our last conversation. You spoke about such and such. I was really getting excited about. My mind is been racing about that since we spoke last time and I was wondering if you would tell me a little bit more about that and how I may contribute to this." You just try to get them to talk more because, if you see 1 of my other videos called, "The Headhunter Secret to Knowing If You Did Well on Interviews," the idea is that the more they talk, the more they like you.

It's like you are allowing them to be magnificent and you are just basking in their magnificence and listing adoringly what they say. Always get them to talk by saying, "You know, I was thinking about that last conversation we had it not been thinking about since the time my mind really hasn't stopped mulling that over. Would you tell me a little bit more about that please because it is really very exciting to me?" That's one little trick. Getting them to talk.

The other one I want to bring to your attention today is the, "referring to the other person conversation." Let's say you're speaking to John, Phil, Brenda, whomever in the 1st conversation and there was a point that was made that stuck in your mind. Your meeting with someone new. You say to them, "I was speaking with Brenda last time and she was talking about such and such. It was really very interesting to me. Would you give me your take on that, please. Do you see it the same way she? It was really very exciting."

The idea is that by referencing a person that you spoke with before, you get an idea as to whether they are being congruent, right? For example, if last time you spoke to subordinate and now you're speaking with an overall manager or director or VP, you are getting their take on the role. The ideas always reference something from the previous conversation.

Again, the key piece on this from your standpoint, whatever you reference has to be accurate. You can't just make stuff up because otherwise the scratch their heads and just reject you, assuming that you can be accurate, then referencing the conversation that you had with Brenda asking for their take on it, but some of the position of imagining you in the role, expanding upon what you been told, talking in ways that allow you to see that they are consistent with their thinking because the last thing you want to do is to step into a situation where there is conflict about what your role is going to be and how they are going to measure success.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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