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“I have two employees that usually leave work at 6 pm. They are good, but I don’t like that their commitment lasts for work hours only. What should I do as a CEO?”

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I've run into situations sometimes when I coach. They're absolutely hysterical. Let me just give you an example of one from someone. I do this with their permission.
"I have two employees. they usually leave work at 6 pm. They are good. But I don't like that their commitment lasts for work hours only. What should I do as CEO?"
Now, I work with the assumption that this is a startup organization, a smaller firm, because a large firm, they'd never noticed this happening. So, let's work with the assumptions a small firm, and this person's throwing around their CEO title. Now, I have to ask a follow up question, because I give no BS advice, right?
So the follow up question is, how do you know they're only working during office hours? Seriously, how do you know that with every sort of mobile device known to humanity, with every laptop that's out in the world, how do you know? I know you know their body isn't at work. But how do you know that they're not working? What do you think their wife, husband or partner thinks. I know you don't give a shit, even though you probably care about your wife or husband or partner. But, you know, they are entitled to that relationship, right? You didn't buy that.
And then the last thing is "only during work hours." Like that assumes that you understand that there's a non-work hours time available. And when is that supposed to exist? You hire them for a job. You didn't hire them for slavery and that someone actually has this attitude in this day and age is insane to me.
I've worked as a recruiter for startups, I've worked for smaller organizations, I understand that owners want to control their people. It's just the nature of things, particularly in smaller firms. But the reality is, you don't own them. They're entitled to a life. And you probably didn't explain your expectations to them when you hired, did you?
So, I'll simply say that, yo may not like it. Tough shit. Seriously. Tough shit. You don't like it. You didn't tell them what you expected of them. They're leaving at six. What time are they getting in eight. Help me understand this. It is already a 10-hour day. And that's not enough for you? What statistics have shown time and again, is more hours doesn't yield more productivity. If anything, there's a diminishing return on the productivity. With time, people make more mistakes. We don't know the nature of the work these folks are doing. We just do know that they're leaving at 6pm and you don't like it.
Well, if you want them to work more hours, pay them more. Seriously. Pay them more. See if they're willing to do it for more money. Again, I don't believe you ever told them what your expectations are and you're just sitting there clock watching, not looking at what's reasonable.
Again, just to repeat, their bodies are leaving at 6pm. You don't know if they're working after hours from their home but they're just leaving the office and going home to work, spending a little time with their family or kids, putting them to sleep and then get we're getting right back to work.


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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