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EP 781 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers two brainteasers that used a technique called deflection in order to trick you.

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I have another 1 of those fun hedge fund questions that I think you will really enjoy. "You're driving a bus and tracking the number of passengers on the bus. At the 1st stop, the bus picks up 26 people. At the 2nd stop, 15 of those people get off the bus and 8 new passengers get on. At the 3rd stop, to passengers get off and 11 new passengers get on. At the 4th stop, 3 passengers get off at 4 passengers get on. What is the color of the bus driver's eyes?"

This is a hysterical question because it is an example of 1 of those questions used to deflect you. Do you happen to know the answer by the way? You should because it really starts off at the beginning of the question.

The beginning of the question starts off by saying, "You're driving a bus." So the answer is YOUR eye color that is the factor here. Understand, there are some questions you are going to be asked that are designed to deflect your attention.

Here is another example. Tracy's mom has 4 children. April, May and June. What is the 4th child's name?

Do you know that one? If you're like most people you think the answer is July. In point of fact, you are told at the beginning that it is "TRACY's mother." So the answer is Tracy. But there is a deflection there with April, May and June to make you think that there is a pattern.

Always try to recognize the question clearly. Always try to spot the deflection from the very beginning of the question to see whether or not it is designed to throw you.

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