EP 1720 What is your big mistake when you are rejected for a job?  It’s very simple and so many people engage in it.

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I thought I would speak today about the mistake people make after they are turn down for an interview.

So, you have just been turned down. Maybe it was a 1st interview. Maybe, it was the 5th interview. No matter where it is in the process, you have gotten rejected and, most of the time, if you get feedback, it's really very flimsy. You know, they thought you were too light . . . like that mean anything. To light in what? I didn’t have adequate experience in what?

Knowing that you're not going to get feedback, you go into “the cocoon,” you start licking your wounds. You feel crushed. As a result, you suspend any effort you start making for your job search. Or even worse, it starts impacting your performance on other interviews because you start to doubt yourself and your abilities.

Never EVER take an employer’s decision as having meaning you and your career. They are just one ass hole with an opinion. There can be another one in a different firm who sees you very differently.

I used blunt language there because most people buy “the BS.” They think less of themselves period they are wounded by the experience of being turned down. It’s a disappointment and they really take it to heart.

Don't! I mean that. Don't! Like I said, one ass hole has an opinion. So, what? Maybe they asked bad questions that didn't bring out the best of you. Maybe, this is a blessing in disguise. Whatever it is, your job is to suck it up, pull it together and onto the next thing!

I dealt with disappointment when I worked in recruiting all the time. You get a person to the fifth interview, 6th interview . . . I had a guy on 20 interviews at 1 client and, eventually, they called up and said we are going to take a pass.

“Why is that?”

“They haven't told me yet, but we are going to take a pass.”

OK and what I as a recruiter was trained to do is to utter the word and start looking at “next.” What's the next thing I have to work on. What’s the next deal I could bring across the finish line. You have to do the same thing for yourself.

So, onto the next thing! Onto the next great performance that you want to put on. What can you learn from this previous experience (if you did get feedback) that’s valid for the next thing? Where might you have a deficiency that you can improve upon?

If not, the rejection is valueless and should be dismissed out other hand. Otherwise, the notion that this 1 firm and their opinion is meaningful is absolute nonsense.

Don't get suckered. Don't fall prey this crap. Pull it together. Onto the next thing.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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