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Asking for Advice is Smart

This is it! It’s time to make a decision. Jobs are starting to blend together or maybe you have multiple terrific options to choose from. The recruiters you’ve been working with are not impartial; after all, they are paid to find you and deliver you to their client. It’s smart to ask for advice. Yes, your husband, wife or partner may help and some of them are terrific advisers. Hiring a trusted advisor to help your decision-making is also smart. After all, I work for you, not the potential employer. I want to help you make the right choice . . . the right choice for you.

Schedule Time With Me

Purchase 1 60-minute session with me. 

We’ll get acquainted. Discuss your offers. Your career plans and more.

I’ll ask questions and, maybe, suggest questions you may want to ask an employer. After all, assumptions about a job often lead to surprises and surprises are rarely good. 

Let’s head off surprises so that you are clear about what success will look like and you are set up for success.

In addition to my 40+ years of search experience, I am an MSW from Fordham University, attended the Institute of Modern

Psychoanalysis for several years and am a graduate member of Coachville, one of the world’s leading coaching schools. These fresh eyes and ears listening to your circumstances and offering expert experience can be a difference maker for you.

Whether it is my search experience, my experience as a therapist and as a coach, I am uniquely qualified to help you make a good choice. And the choice is yours. 

The cost is only $349. You will be billed after you schedule time. Payment must be made in advance or the session is automatically canceled.

Note: This is a service that is ideally suited for professionals at a manager level and above.

It is only available to English speakers in the US and overseas. I apologize for ignorance of other languages)


Jeff is a knowledgeable and sincere career coach. Not only was he always available, he has a true understanding of the dynamics of recruitment, job hunting, offer negotiation and my industry as a whole. Please reach out to him if you need guidance in the areas I mentioned above. You will not be disappointed.

Cyber Security Leader

I was in the middle of a job transition where one position was ending due to end of contract with customer, but I had two possibilities: one with a contingent offer that would start the following Monday, and one full offer with an original start date 2 weeks later. Jeff gave me sound advice, reassuring me which choice is the right one. In fact, the organization from whom I have accepted the offer agreed to bump my start date 2 weeks earlier from the original date, thus giving me a continuous employment flow, just changing organizations over the weekend. I hope to seek advice from him via his YouTube videos as well as his LinkedIn when it comes to my career. Thank you so much for your sound advice Jeff.

Senior Test Engineer

I am in middle of career transition and I recently reached out to Jeff before an important interview. In one hour Jeff was able to help me become well-prepared and he covered lots of important information that really helped me in a lot of ways. He gauges and understands the problem really well and then accordingly provide you with the correct guidance. He is really good with career coaching and I would totally recommend him going forward.


Let Me Help You Make a Good Decision

JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

You may have hired people before. You may have changed jobs before. You may have helped to negotiate many of the salary offers issued by your employer . . . but this is for you and that adds an extra layer of stress.

Having a trusted advisor to work with, to help you with your decision-making so you can shine a  light on your blind spots and make a great decision can be a huge advantage.

Let’s share the worry instead of it all being on you!

Again, this will be your decision but I will help you gain clarity so you can avoid a bad one.

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